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Opana Scrapped From The Market in New Regulations

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After a report last week by the New York Times that the number of overdose deaths increased roughly 20% from 2015 to 2016, many states are scrambling to come up with answers to solve this epidemic. The target of the debate is powerful prescription painkillers called opioids. Pharmaceutical companies have come under fire recently, especially by the State of Ohio, for marketing the drugs for chronic pain. Many speculate that

Governor Declares Public Health Emergency Over Arizona Opioid Epidemic

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Across the nation, opioid overdose is hitting record highs. In 2016, drug overdoses surpassed car accidents as a leading cause of death. In fact, from 2015 to 2016, the nation saw a 19% increase in overdose deaths, the largest ever recorded jump. Many states and organizations are scrambling to take action and figure out exactly how to stop this growing trend. This year, Florida declared opioids a public health emergency

How Will Harm Reduction End The Opioid Epidemic?

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In the United States, it has long been a tradition to crack down on crime to reduce substance abuse. “Just Say No” and increased incarcerations were extremely popular in the 80’s and 90’s to combat the influx of crack cocaine. Today, a new avenue is being explored which has shown success in several other countries. It is called the harm reduction model. Harm reduction has gained extreme popularity in several

List of Recovery Programs

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Getting sober alone or without changing patterns in one’s life can be nearly impossible. Many people will try quitting cold turkey or moderating several times before coming to the realization that something more drastic is in order to remain clean. Luckily, there are all sorts of recovery programs and fellowships to assist people trying to stop an addiction. Everything from alcoholism to sex addiction, there is certainly a program for

Why Addiction is a Disease


Saying addiction is a disease sometimes is a controversial topic. Addiction has a massive stigma floating around it and often people argue that “the person chose to do drugs.” While this is true, people often overlook the fact that addicts do not choose to become addicted. It is always a personal choice to experiment with drugs or alcohol, but some people just react differently once they try it. Addiction is

Do You Know What Drug Paraphernalia to Look For?

Sometimes it might be obvious if something is drug paraphernalia, like a pipe. Other times it can be difficult if a person has had little exposure to drugs or drug education. Finding drug paraphernalia can be the first sign that your loved one is using drugs. The user may hide important things (like needles/pipes), but may accidentally leave other less important things out. Spotting these clues can mean life or

The Types of Alcoholic Drinking

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Alcoholic beverages have been around probably since rotten fruit was first discovered- god knows how long ago. Alcohol is as old as dirt and can’t stop- won’t stop. The revolution will not be televised because everybody was too busy getting drunk. In the United States there’s been prohibition and all sorts of methods used to try and shut down the imbibing that occurs nationwide, but with no resolve. Eventually, the

The Gifts of Sobriety


No matter where you travel, AA is present and alive. Since Alcoholics Anonymous was founded in 1935, it has spread across the globe and paved the way for all of the 12 step programs. The exponential growth is due to the fact that it works. It’s due to the fact that it shows the “sick and suffering alcoholic” that a new way of life is not only possible but promised,

Healing Emotional Trauma Through EMDR Therapy

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EMDR therapy or, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy, has become a widely used therapy technique for people who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder or just traumatic memories. This technique has become extremely beneficial in the treatment and rehabilitation of people who suffer from substance abuse, as it is very common that there are underlying traumatic experiences and memories in their past. History EMDR therapy was originally developed by

Here is What Dual Diagnosis Means and How We Can Help

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Thanks to the strenuous and extensive research performed over the last few decades, a new frontier in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction has become accessible for those who suffer from it. This breed of treatment has been aptly named dual diagnosis programs, and it is designed to help the thousands of people who struggle with both substance abuse as well as mental disorders. What is Dual Diagnosis? Dual