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Senator Expands Investigation Into Opioid Addiction Crisis


Drug manufacturers and distributors have been taking quite a bit of heat lately and the forecast doesn’t look to be cooling down anytime soon. The opioid addiction crisis continues to break records and is causing a public cry for answers. So far, four states have filed or plan to file lawsuits against some of the biggest names in the industry, like Teva, Endo, Johnson & Johnson, and Purdue Pharma. The

How Quickly Does The Body Recover From Heroin Abuse?

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Heroin abuse can have powerful, and sometimes, lasting consequences on the body. Not only does heroin itself hurt the body, the results of administering the drugs can have the most lasting effects. Heroin users often end up injecting the drugs, sometimes sharing needles or reusing their own over and over. This can lead to diseases or scarring which may never fully recover. Heroin abuse also has the inevitable short term

The Dangers of Smoking Fake Weed


Over the past decade, the phenomenon of synthetic marijuana has become extremely popular. It was first seen being sold in headshops and convenience stores under the names Spice, K2, Skunk, Green Giant, among many others. The packages were labeled as “incense” with a warning that stated “Not For Human Consumption.” Unbeknownst to law enforcement, these incense packages were actually used to mimic marijuana and are highly addictive drugs used to

1.3 Million Americans Needed Hospital Care for Opioid Related Issues: How Did We Get Here?

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The United States is in the midst of its largest public health crisis in history. Opioid addiction has increased astronomically over the past decade with little hope for slowing down. Last year saw a nearly 20% increase in drug overdose deaths compared to 2015. Even more staggering, the latest report published by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality showed that 1.27 million people checked into hospital emergency rooms or

National Cost Of Heroin Addiction Roughly $51 Billion Per Year


It shouldn’t be news that there is currently a massive opioid crisis in the United States. Questionable marketing tactics, dirty doctors, and general societal ignorance toward prescription painkillers has lead to arguably the worst public health crisis this country has ever seen. The death toll caused by heroin and other opioids has tripled in the last 15 years and, in 2016 alone, the death toll rose an alarming 19% compared

Why Jails Fail at Treating Addiction

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During my time in active addiction, recovery, and in the addiction treatment industry, I have heard many parents say, “you know he would be better off in jail.” Even my own parents told me this during my using career. This is an understandable concept when you consider the type of fear parents go through day after day and night after night when their son or daughter is in active addiction.

Quiz: Are You A Drug Addict? Pinnacle Can Help


To be able to overcome a drug problem, the first step is admitting that one is, in fact, an addict. Recovering from addiction is entirely the responsibility of the addict themselves. There is no magic pill that can cure addiction. Even if a doctor diagnoses someone with a substance abuse disorder, the patient must accept this fact before making any real improvements. There are many signs that can help someone

Opana Scrapped From The Market in New Regulations

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After a report last week by the New York Times that the number of overdose deaths increased roughly 20% from 2015 to 2016, many states are scrambling to come up with answers to solve this epidemic. The target of the debate is powerful prescription painkillers called opioids. Pharmaceutical companies have come under fire recently, especially by the State of Ohio, for marketing the drugs for chronic pain. Many speculate that

Governor Declares Public Health Emergency Over Arizona Opioid Epidemic

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Across the nation, opioid overdose is hitting record highs. In 2016, drug overdoses surpassed car accidents as a leading cause of death. In fact, from 2015 to 2016, the nation saw a 19% increase in overdose deaths, the largest ever recorded jump. Many states and organizations are scrambling to take action and figure out exactly how to stop this growing trend. This year, Florida declared opioids a public health emergency

How Will Harm Reduction End The Opioid Epidemic?

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In the United States, it has long been a tradition to crack down on crime to reduce substance abuse. “Just Say No” and increased incarcerations were extremely popular in the 80’s and 90’s to combat the influx of crack cocaine. Today, a new avenue is being explored which has shown success in several other countries. It is called the harm reduction model. Harm reduction has gained extreme popularity in several