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Lorna Burr

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With 19 years of experience helping people who have behavioral and addiction problems, Lorna Burr now functions as Executive Director at Pinnacle Recovery Centers, located in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains. Her other hat is marketing and public relations, through which she reaches out to the community with compassion and passion for those addicted to substances which paralyze their lives. Formerly pursuing a career in nursing, she now feels that creating an environment of hope, healing, and specialized individual treatment is where she can make the greatest difference. A graduate herself of two treatments programs, one a youth survival program in the desert, and second a yearlong residential program, she has gleaned an insight into people affected by mental health and substance disorders and an empathy for those who suffer. She is a people person with a voice and feels she can make a difference. As a wife and the mother of seven, she also has the capacity to manage multiple roles.

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