5 Signs You Need Rehab for Heroin Addiction

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rehab for heroin

Heroin is an extremely powerful opiate drug that often hooks users after the first hit. Highly addictive, obtaining and using the drug becomes a top priority in a user’s daily life. If you are addicted to heroin, you may find yourself a literal fight between life and death. Right now, it is important to make the decision to seek the experienced professional help found in heroin rehab facility. While a difficult decision to make, going to a rehab for heroin will give you the tools and support you need to beat addiction for good.

The following are 5 signs that you need rehab for heroin addiction. If you have questions regarding treatment, the addiction professionals at Pinnacle Recovery are here to help. Call us toll-free today and begin your recovery journey.

Reason #1: Your Physical Appearance Has Deteriorated

Perhaps the most tell-tale sign that you need rehab for heroin addiction is the deterioration of your physical appearance. Chronic use of the drug suppresses appetite, and you can look emaciated and malnourished. Additionally, your skin will look pasty and white. Not only does your physical appearance slide, your personal hygiene also becomes less important. Since the taking of the drug takes center stage, good hygiene such as regular showering, brushing of teeth and other self-care becomes less important.

Chronic heroin use also causes other physical maladies. Heroin is a powerful opiate that works on the central nervous system. If you chronically abuse heroin, your respiration and breathing may be labored. Heroin can also cause blockages within your digestive system. This can increase your risk to developing intestinal emergencies if left untreated.

Reason #2: Excessive Track Marks and Infected Track Marks

Another sign that you need heroin rehab is the presence of track marks all over your body. The main route of administration for heroin is through intravenous injection. The most common place for injecting heroin is the veins in your arm. Over time, overuse of these areas causes the veins to collapse. In order to continue using the drug through injection, you need to find other major veins in the body. These can include the middle of the thigh, the ventrogluteal muscle in the hip, feet and even the neck.

If you are using blunt or unclean needles, you run the risk for serious infections. These can include abscesses, cellulitis, and skin ulcers. Users can also contract necrotizing fasciitis, a serious condition where users may have to have amputation done if left untreated.  Those who use unclean needles also have an increased risk of contracting diseases such as hepatitis C and even HIV.

rehab for heroin

Reason #3: Isolating Behaviors

You will need a heroin rehab program if you engage in isolating behaviors. Heroin use can bring a tremendous amount of shame and guilt. If you are addicted to heroin, you tend to isolate yourself from family and friends. The feelings of guilt and shame can be overpowering, and your heroin use is an attempt to cope with those feelings. As your addiction grows, you may start losing the important people in your life. Ultimately, isolation can cause serious damage to relationships to the point of no repair.

If you are isolating from others, the following are the most common signs you are displaying this behavior:

  • Feeling unable to connect with family and friends physically and psychologically
  • Overwhelming feelings that no one understands your feelings
  • Strong feelings of abandonment
  • Feelings of discontent
  • Hopelessness

Reason #4: Utilizing Lying and Manipulation on Family and Friends

There is no doubt that a family member or friend has pointed out your drug use to you. Instead of facing the truth and getting help, you engage in lying and manipulation in order to turn the attention towards others and not yourself. Heroin significantly alters brain chemistry and thought. It can be seen as though the drug controls what you think and say towards others.

Heroin shuts down the part of the brain responsible for being analytical and objective. As a result, your morality and ethics decrease in importance. In order to keep using, you will rationalize why you use heroin and lie about the depletion of your finances and overall health. Worse yet, you will manipulate family and friends and play one of the other in order to get what you want.

If you lie and manipulate family and friends in order to continue using, you will need rehab for heroin addiction.

Reason #5: Selling Personal Property or Stealing Money and Property of Others

As with any drug addiction, heroin addiction can become very expensive. As your heroin addiction grows, more of your income goes towards getting the drug and not towards rent, bills and other financial obligations. If you have gone beyond your financial means, you may have resorted to selling or pawning personal items of value like electronic equipment, jewelry, and musical instruments. If those options are no longer viable, you may have started stealing money and valuables from family members or friends.

Seek Professional Help at a Heroin Rehab Today

It is not easy to truthfully admit that you have a heroin addiction. You may have seen the warning signs, but the pull of addiction was too strong. You may have tried to get help or tried to quit on your own with no success. You may feel there is no hope for you to get clean and sober. Fortunately, help is closer than you think.

The treatment professionals at Pinnacle Recovery decades of experience in dealing with the dangers of heroin addiction. Our heroin rehab programs have been thoroughly tested and are proven to work for you no matter the severity of your addiction. From detox to treatment and aftercare programs, Pinnacle Recovery will be with you every step of the way.

Today is the day that you break free from heroin addiction for good. Call Pinnacle Recovery toll-free today and begin the journey to happiness, health, and recovery. Call now.

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