7 Signs You Need an Alcohol Rehab Center

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Are you struggling with an addiction to alcohol? While the signs may be present that you have a problem, you may be in denial that you have a problem altogether. While alcohol is seen as a socially acceptable substance, it is one of the most dangerous substances in existence. Ignoring the signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse can lead to serious physical and psychological issues. If you are alcohol abuse issues, it is crucial that you seek help from experienced professionals at a reputable alcohol rehab facility.

How do you know if you need treatment from an alcohol rehab facility? What are the major signs that point to alcohol abuse? The following article highlights the seven major signs that you need an alcohol rehab center. If you or a loved one needs help overcoming alcohol abuse, call Pinnacle Recovery toll-free right now and start your journey towards recovery.

Reason #1: You Have Tried to Quit on Your Own and Failed

One tell-tale reason that you need to go to alcohol rehab is the fact that you have tried to quit on your own and were unsuccessful. These may have been self-guided efforts, or you may have attempted to complete an alcohol rehab program. No matter the method, these failures were the result of not being fully committed to truly getting sober. Without motivation, action, perseverance, and support, your attempts at recovery will be futile and short-lived.

Reason #2: You Experience Withdrawal Symptoms

If you have tried to quit drinking, you no doubt have experienced uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Symptoms such as nausea, paranoia, cramps, vomiting occur within only hours after your last drink. Not only are these symptoms uncomfortable, they have the potential to be life-threatening. If you are abusing other drugs or have underlying medical issues, alcohol withdrawals can present serious consequences. Alcohol rehab programs feature medical detoxification and other interventions that minimize the pain of withdrawal and allow you to stabilize before entering treatment.

Reason #3: Your Drinking Has Caused Negative Consequences

Chronic alcohol abuse brings forth negative consequences. These consequences are varied and include the loss of job, deteriorating relationships or losing your driver’s license. The negative consequences associated with your drinking can be more severe such as DUI’s, stealing to support your habit, and jail time because of breaking the law. If you have experienced these types of negative consequences because of your drinking, you must undergo alcohol rehabilitation.

Reason #4: You Have Hurt Yourself or Others

Alcohol abuse can also bring forth dark and disturbing behaviors such as hurting oneself or others. Examples of hurting oneself include falling and breaking bones because of being under the influence. This may also include breaking your hand, foot or other parts of the body because of a fight. These harming behaviors also include driving drunk and causing property and bodily damage to self or others as the result of drunk driving.

More disturbingly, alcohol abuse can aggravate pre-existing mental health disorders such as depression and PTSD. If you suffer from alcoholism and a co-occurring disorder, you need the professional help offered at an alcohol rehab center. Many alcohol rehab centers offer specialized programming that helps address co-occurring disorders.

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Reason #5: You Neglect Your Daily Obligations

When you are addicted to alcohol, you focus dramatically shifts. Your daily routine revolves around drinking alcohol, procuring alcohol and social events that revolve around heavy drinking. As a result, daily obligations such as your job, bills, and relationships with your family and loved ones back a backseat. If you have missed work, family get-togethers, holidays or other important obligations due to your drinking, you must break the cycle of addiction through the help of an alcohol rehab facility.

Reason #6: You Lash Out at Others

Like with other drugs, alcohol use produces irritability and wide mood swings. As a result, you can lash out at family members, friends, and co-workers with little or no provocation. These outbursts can be verbal or can be physical in nature. If you find yourself increasingly becoming irritated and hostile towards a loved one or have become physical with another person while under the influence, seek help immediately through a reputable alcohol rehab facility such a Pinnacle Recovery.

Reason #7: Family and Friends Are Concerned for Your Well-Being

As you descend further into alcohol abuse, your family and friends become increasingly concerned about your behavior. While they are expressing genuine concern for your well-being, you feel as if you are being lectured to or are being judged. While you may feel prosecuted, the concern shown by your family and friends is a strong indicator that alcohol abuse is taking over your life. If you are hearing this concern on a regular basis, it is time to seriously consider undergoing treatment at an alcohol rehab facility.

Taking an Honest Look at Yourself

Alcohol abuse and dependence is a serious matter that requires deep thought on your part. If you are struggling with alcohol abuse, you may be in denial of your problem. As you go through the above-mentioned signs, you may be admitting to yourself there may be a problem. However, you may blow off or rationalize those thoughts saying that things aren’t as bad as they seem.

Don’t fool yourself. Ignoring your alcohol abuse will only make matters worse. If you continue to rationalize your alcohol dependence, the physical, psychological and spiritual toll may become too much to overcome. Now is the time to act and take back control of your life, and it begins with a phone call to Pinnacle Recovery.

Our experienced professionals have created treatment programs that will fit your specific and unique needs. From your first day in treatment through successful completion of a treatment program, Pinnacle Recovery will give you the tools and support you need to break the chains of alcohol addiction. Call Pinnacle Recovery toll-free right now and take your first steps towards freedom.

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