What’s the Difference Between Behavioral Addictions and Substance Addictions?

Addiction can be expressed in a number of ways. These include behavioral addiction and addiction to substances. Although sometimes tricky to identify, behavioral addictions share common biological and behavioral characteristics as substance addictions. Behavioral addictions come in a variety of forms, including conditions such as pyromania, kleptomania, compulsive sexual behavior, compulsive gambling, and compulsive shopping. Substance addictions, also called substance use disorders (SUDs) are relegated to drugs, alcohol, and other

How to Spot Early Signs of Methamphetamine Addiction

The Dangers of Methamphetamine Abuse Many people have heard the terms “meth” or “crystal meth.” Despite its common use in movies and television, methamphetamine is one of the most dangerous and illicit substance addictions. Since its chemical components are so corrosive, the drug’s effect on the user are incredibly damaging. Αs a highly addictive substance that creates an intense, short-lived high, methamphetamine interacts with some of the brain’s most powerful

Reentering the Workplace After Addiction: How to Rebuild Your Life

The Challenges of Finding Employment After Addiction Despite the great progress society has made, there is unfortunately still a stigma against addiction and individuals who have struggled with substance abuse. Some potential employers won’t even consider hiring someone in recovery from drug or alcohol abuse. As a result, it can be challenging to navigate the job market. But with realistic expectations and the right resources, it is more than possible

Supporting A Loved One in Recovery: 3 Tips for the Holidays

Why Are the Holidays Difficult For Those in Recovery? For many people, the holidays are a time of the year that are filled with joy, smiles, and family bonding. For others—including those in recovery from substance abuse and addiction— the experience can be quite difficult. A season filled with parties and gatherings where alcohol and substance use are common can be triggering. Such events can instigate an array of responses

Exercise, Stress, and Addiction Recovery

How Does Exercise Help with the Recovery Process? For many people, high levels of stress are just a normal part of life. But did you know that there is a strong link between stress and addiction cycles? Physical, emotional, and mental stress can all contribute to the patterns that often lead to substance abuse and addiction. And although there are many therapies that can help you manage stress during the

Creative Healing: 3 Ways to Keep Healing After Recovery

Why is it Important to Continue the Healing Process? Many people think recovery is finished when you’re done with your treatment. Whether it be detox, residential treatment, or a set of therapy sessions, these formal treatments are only the beginning. One recent study in the journal of Addiction Research and Theory describes the process of recovery as including “personal recovery capital.” For a more sustainable healing process, a person needs

What are the Dangers of Inhalants?

Throughout the 19th century, “laughing gas parties” were widely popularized and common among societal classes. By the late 20th century, most people were aware of “glue sniffing,” a recreational activity among teenagers and young adults. And although this category of psychoactive substances known as “inhalants” is still common until today, it remains a life-threatening substance abuse pattern.  What are Inhalants?  The “high” produced from an inhalant affects the central nervous system

The Cycle of Substance Abuse

What is a Substance Abuse Cycle? Substance abuse often occurs in a recurrent cycle, a pattern of events that repeats over time. What makes it so easy to become caught in a substance abuse cycle? How does a substance abuse cycle morph so quickly into an addiction cycle? And when an addiction cycle occurs, how can recovery treatment help? While substance abuse and addiction cycles are related, they are also

Fitness For Recovering Addicts: Working Out in Recovery

Staying Sober While On Vacation

While addiction falls under the umbrella of mental health disorders, there is no avoiding the fact that it severely impacts the body as well as the brain. Drugs and alcohol can cause damage to multiple essential systems, from the heart and blood vessels to the liver, pancreas and kidneys. Individuals who struggle with addiction are also known to neglect their health and wellness as they become completely focused on the

Your Guide to Coping Skills for Substance Abuse

Types Of Coping Skills

Substance abuse affects people of all ages from all walks of life — and while 10 percent of U.S. adults have drug use disorder at some point in their lives, 75 percent do not receive any form of treatment. Addiction is a brain disease, one that is closely linked to poor trauma and poor mental health. Although each individual is unique, many addicts begin using substances as a coping mechanism