Can I Get High Off Second-Hand Marijuana Smoke?

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Can I Get High Off Second-Hand Marijuana Smoke?

Now that marijuana has become legalized in more states, cannabis users have come out of the pot closet. Those who may have allegedly smoked weed before legalization tends to be louder and prouder about their accomplishment to use marijuana without worrying about the police arresting them for their use or for their paraphernalia. With that being said, most states do not allow users to be in public to smoke weed as the law dictates that they should be in their respective homes or in designated areas to smoke.

Nonsmokers who may be around others who smoke weed and choose not to smoke themselves often worry about getting a contact high. Could they really get high through smoke osmosis? Many movies and television shows make jokes that have brought about this smoke phenomenon as a cause for concern.

A study that was performed in 2015 showed there was evidence of how secondhand marijuana smoke affected a nonsmoker.  The consequences of secondhand smoke were closely monitored with the following situation. Six marijuana users smoked cannabis with an 11.3 percent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) level in a chamber that was unventilated. Nonsmokers, who were assessed before and after the experiment, were also within the doors of the chamber to see how their body responded to the secondhand smoke. The next part of the study was to keep the conditions the exact same except to have the participants in a ventilated room.

The results proved that ventilation played a huge part in whether someone ingesting secondhand smoke would have THC in their system or not. Nonsmokers in “extreme, unventilated conditions” were exposed to detectable levels of THC because both their urine and their blood tested positive for cannabis. They also experienced minor physical and emotional effects from the drug as well as minor impairment involving their tasks and their cognizance.

While the worry about how potent secondhand marijuana smoke is for nonsmokers, they really need to watch out with the situations they are putting themselves in. Hanging out with friends, or even acquaintances, who smoke weed may put them in a situation where they may get high by merely associating in an area where the smoke cannot escape. Excusing one’s self from the possibility of putting themselves in circumstances that could jeopardize sobriety or failing a drug test for work would be a good idea – because if this is only recreational, you can find other enjoyable activities to be a part of.

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