Can Mindfulness Help Us Recover from Addiction?

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Can Mindfulness Help Us Recover from Addiction?

Our addictions and accompanying mental health issues can be overpowering, all-consuming and debilitating, so much so that we become convinced we’ll never be able to heal. When we’re working towards recovery, mindfulness is one of the greatest tools we have at our disposal. How can mindfulness help us in our recovery? How can it improve our chances of getting better?

Mindfulness is the practice of intentionally directing our conscious energy and attention. We can practice mindfulness with meditation, yoga, visualization, thought analysis, writing and other practices. Mindfulness helps us connect with our heart’s powerful healing energy, our inner strength, our light, and our intuition. We learn to practice listening for our intuition and then following its guidance. This strengthens our relationship with our inner selves. When we practice mindfulness, we naturally become more connected to ourselves. We develop more understanding of ourselves, and we start to get to know ourselves more deeply. Mindfulness increases our self-awareness and therefore our capacity for change. It sharpens our skills for caring for ourselves and helps us rebuild our self-esteem. It helps us to grow in self-love and self-acceptance.

Mindfulness challenges us to stop acting without thinking. We stop giving into our negative impulses mindlessly. This helps us to make better decisions for ourselves. We become more empowered to make good choices in our lives. We’re more likely to be able to withstand the temptation and addictive urges that can lead to relapse. We’re better able to weather the storm of our inner turmoil and access our internal stillness and peace. We start to be able to see through our thoughts and find the truth underneath them. We’re better able to manage our painful thoughts and feelings and work through them. We stop believing everything our minds tell us, because now we know how much our thoughts can run wild with the pain and woundedness of our ego minds.

All of the mental and emotional skills we develop through mindfulness are tools we can use in our recovery. We develop more self-reliance, resilience and courage. We learn to be mentally and emotionally independent and to feel strong and capable within ourselves. We start to believe in ourselves more, and our faith in ourselves is perhaps the most important ingredient in our recovery. We can only heal ourselves when we believe we can. We can only begin to love ourselves when we feel we deserve to. Mindfulness helps us to reconnect with ourselves, love ourselves and uplift ourselves, even in our darkest times. Our recovery journey invites us to learn and practice mindfulness so that we can apply it directly to our healing. When we do, we can have miraculous, transformative results that stay with us for the rest of our lives.

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