Can We Heal from Trauma?

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Can We Heal from Trauma?

Our struggles with addiction and mental illness, along with the difficult experiences we’ve gone through and the losses we’ve sustained, can traumatize us so deeply that we think we’ll never be able to recover from them. Can we ever heal from our trauma? Our wounds affect how we view ourselves, how we relate to other people, and how we live our lives. Many of us become trapped by the fears we develop from our trauma. We create entire lifestyles, and form debilitating addictions, around trying to escape our fears and numb our emotional pain.

Trauma healing is not something many of us are familiar with. We might have tried therapy or medication, but in our therapeutic work we may not have ventured into our past issues, our recurring life cycles and patterns, and our history of trauma. We might be focused on trying to solve the current problems in our lives, not realizing that our present circumstances are very often manifestations of our past pain. Our lives today are reflections of our past experiences. In order to solve the difficult situations we’re presently dealing with, and all of the difficult effects of our addictions and mental illnesses, we have to tackle our trauma thoroughly and heal ourselves holistically.

There are various forms of trauma healing, and therapy is one of them, provided we feel safe and supported as we explore our trauma in more depth. We can incorporate a spiritual practice into our regular routine. We can do inner child healing work. We can use creativity and self-expression to work through our trauma. Other forms of trauma healing are energy healing practices such as reiki, acupressure, chakra alignment, and tapping or Emotional Freedom Technique. Yoga and meditation are both powerful in helping us heal from our trauma.

Whether or not we can heal from our trauma depends on whether or not we believe we can. Our inability to heal often comes from our belief that we are unable to heal, that our pain is too deep to be able to recover from, or that we aren’t strong enough to get past what we’ve been through. When we develop our feelings of inner strength and self-worth, we empower ourselves to be able to do the work to heal.

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