Comfort Zone Versus Growth Zone

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Comfort Zone Versus Growth Zone

So many people with addictions continue to drink or use, because it’s comfortable. They have used for so long that their body and brain have become used to the substance; they have become dependent on the substance. They have trouble with letting go of using and taking that leap toward recovery. They know recovery is hard, but they don’t fully believe that recovery is worth it. The comfort makes the person using feel safe and in control. Control is often what so many people seek out when they decided to start drinking or using. For some people dealing with depression, anxiety, or another mental illness, they feel a lack of control over their thoughts and feelings. They often began to drink or use in order to feel a sense of control over their thoughts and feelings. Although comfort is something many of us crave, comfort isn’t always healthy. You aren’t pushing yourself to be better. You aren’t learning anything new. Instead of hanging out in the comfort zone, try instead to migrate to the growth zone. 

The growth zone is where we all should strive to be. Growth means moving onwards and upwards. Growth is healthy. The growth zone is the opposite of the comfort zone. In the comfort zone, people are fearful. They find excuses to stay in the comfort zone. They don’t believe in themselves and their abilities to move out of the current comfort zone. They let what other people think, influence their behaviors. Fear is not where we want to live our lives. We want to learn to move toward growth.

As you move toward the growth zone, you begin to learn more about yourself and your surroundings. You acquire new skills. You learn to deal with challenges and problems in a newer, healthier way. Learning to grow is a process. It doesn’t come easily. You’re going to have to work at it. Anything worth having takes practice and hard work. This includes learning to grow.

In the growth zone, you will begin to set new goals. These goals can include not using the substance you have learned to rely on. In the past — in your comfort zone — you felt like you had control by using. Now — in the growth zone — you begin to set a goal: no substance use for a week. Then, when you complete this goal, you move onto a larger one: no substance use for a month. This continues and continues. You begin to conquer your goals. You begin to gain a new sense of control — control over your substance use. Once you have begun to get acclimated with the growth zone, you are able to find purpose in your life and live as the healthy person you’ve always wanted to be.

Pinnacle Recovery wants to help you get out of your comfort zone and move toward growth. If you are having trouble getting out of your comfort zone, reach out to us at 1-866-301-0573. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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