Deepak Chopra’s Daily Anxiety Checklist

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Deepak Chopra’s Daily Anxiety Checklist

Anxiety is like a shortcut. When faced with uncertainty, the normal response is to stop, consider what might happen, and make a decision based on the best prediction you can make. But the anxious person doesn’t go through this process; they go right towards feeling afraid,” said Deepak Chopra, a doctor, and pioneer in integrative medicine and personal transformation. Chopra says that the worst way to handle a situation is going straight to fear: “It blocks clear decision-making, and exaggerates the risks and dangers that might lie ahead.” People who have anxiety routinely fall into the category of those who go straight to fear when faced with a tough situation. Chopra also describes anxious people as being insecure and unable to move toward self-healing. There are ways, however, that an anxious person can heal. One method is using a daily anxiety checklist. Keeping a daily log of the positive things you did to lower your anxiety is something you should be doing daily. Once you get into the pattern of doing this, it will begin to come naturally. Here is Chopra’s daily anxiety checklist:


  • Positives
  • I stood up for myself.
  • I spoke my mind.
  • I felt strong.
  • I had a moment of being real with someone.
  • I dealt with a panicky moment.
  • I started to feel anxious but it didn’t progress.
  • I felt optimistic about myself.
  • I had hope for the future.
  • I felt some peace and calm.
  • I survived a difficult situation.
  • I appreciated myself.
  • I congratulated myself.
  • I felt worthy; my esteem was high.
  • I didn’t fall into my usual reaction.
  • I had a bright idea.
  • The world seemed like a safe place to be. 
  • I felt accepted.
  • I didn’t cling to anyone or use them as a crutch.
  • I faced a difficult choice.
  • Negatives
  • I didn’t stand up for myself. 
  • I wanted to speak my mind but didn’t.
  • I felt weakness.
  • I didn’t get real with anyone.
  • I suffered through one or more panic attacks.
  • I had a lot of low-level anxiety that didn’t go away. 
  • I felt pessimistic about myself.
  • The future felt hopeless.
  • I felt no peace and calm.
  • I caved into a difficult situation.
  • I criticized myself and fell into self-judgment.
  • I felt unworthy; my esteem was low.
  • I gave in to someone else’s negative views.
  • I didn’t feel safe.
  • I felt rejected.
  • I was clingy.
  • I procrastinated and put off a difficult choice.
  • I wanted someone to rescue me.
  • I kept wishing that things would get better on their own. 


This checklist is meant to have more positives than negatives checked off. But, if you’ve started and you have more negatives than positives, you know what to improve. Make sure that as time goes on, your negatives become less and your positives become more. Negatives can be useful to help you get to the root of the problem: self-judgment. Being aware of what you need to work on is the first step toward healing.

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