Do I Need Anger Management?

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Do I Need Anger Management?

Now that you are sober, you may have noticed that your anger has skyrocketed more than it ever has. You know that you have always been hot-tempered, but you thought that recovery would help you to tame those outbursts that you normally have. Although recovery is a great place to transform your liabilities into assets, sometimes there are issues that need outside help from a healthcare professional and anger management is one of them.

The need for anger management means that you still exhibit uncontrollable anger at times, and you are unable to reel it back in when necessary. This anger could stem from the examples given by their family of origin and other times the rage could be a coping mechanism for any abuse or trauma that was endured. Whatever the root cause may be for each individual case, there are tools that you can start using to help you to stop seeing red.

Take a timeout

When you feel your blood pressure rising or your heart beating faster, know that you need to stop whatever you are doing to regroup. Anger signals different symptoms and different reactions, but the one thing that is consistent is how to cease-fire with a temper. Immediately find somewhere you can breathe or use mindfulness to take away any anger you have right then.

Use “I” Statements

Blaming others and pointing the finger in the heat of the moment will only make the situation more adverse. Try staying in your lane and focus on what you are doing. Getting caught up in what others may or may not be doing will only cause more harm rather than start to diffuse the situation.

Laugh it off

Humor always makes things better as long as it is not mean spirited. Taking the time to pause and find the wit in any given situation will work much better than flying off the handle for any reason. In an angered situation, laughter will always prove to be the best medicine without a doubt.

Use your words

Before you start spouting out things you will not be able to take back, try thinking before you speak. Use a mantra such as does it need to be said? Does it need to be said by me? Does it need to be said by me right now? This will give you a few seconds to buffer anything words that will merely be a waste of your emotions and your breath for all the wrong reasons.

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