Does Gaming Addiction Only Affect Kids?

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Does Gaming Addiction Only Affect Kids?

Video games are an enjoyable pastime for people of all ages although when people think of gaming, the image of adolescents often pursues. Kids of all generations past and present have been enthralled with playing the story, comprehending the detailed graphics, and figuring out how to eventually beat the game. With all these aspects in mind, games are meant to lure a player in, so they keep buying the different virtual enhancements to improve their game and capture their attention for as long as possible. In doing so, these players that also include adults, become addicted to playing games without ever seeing it coming.

What are the signs of gaming addiction in adults?

A gaming addiction manifests similarly to other addictions such as substance abuse or gambling. The video games start as a source of entertainment but eventually becomes an obsession. Instead of doing normal everyday activities, a person who becomes addicted to video games will isolate in order to play which affects their diet, sleep, and hygiene. Over time, the game takes precedence over everything else and immoral behaviors ensue to make sure that they can continue to game. Although this is considered to be adolescent behavior, adults are just as culpable of becoming addicted to video games.

Why has gaming addiction become so relevant lately?

In 2018, the World Health Organization (WHO) deemed gaming addiction as a disorder. The 11th Addition of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) included gaming addiction, which was caused by the rising number of individuals, including adults, who were gaming more and more online. With technology, statistics and trends were identified and researched to help healthcare professionals to gain the knowledge they need to help those who are addicted.

Isn’t gaming addiction more dangerous in adolescents rather than adults?

Gaming addiction can damage a teen’s still developing brain while there are other physical and mental aspects that may be affected differently according to someone’s age. The most important thing to consider with gaming addiction is that anyone who has a gaming addiction will be afflicted and be at risk for the negative consequences that will ensure no matter how old someone is.

Since gaming addiction is a newer disorder, gaming addiction is treated as a secondary condition within many treatment centers. Gaming addiction is considered the same as any other addiction in that the fantasy of the game is used to change the way they feel and distract them from having to deal with their reality.   

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