Four Reasons to be Excited About 2019

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Four reasons to be excited about 2019

By the time the new year rolls around, a lot of people are already sick of hearing about how great the new year will be, and why you should make this resolution or that. It can be easy to just shrug off, but you shouldn’t underestimate the benefit of a fresh start. If you’re someone who is currently or has struggled with addiction to drugs or alcohol in the past, the end of the year can be something you dread, with unpleasant memories and emotions popping up at the worst time, and the idea of facing yet another year is unbearable. Rather than be a Debbie Downer about it, however, you should think about why you should be excited about the coming year. We’ve gathered four reasons why you should be looking forward to what 2019 has in store.

  1. It’s not 2017 anymore: Let’s face it, 2017 was a pretty brutal year for a lot of people around the globe. From natural disasters to horrible attacks and the daily life that can be hard, 2017 seemed to have a never ending supply of terrible things happening. So if nothing else, be grateful that 2017 is GONE.
  2. It’s a new start: AS cliche as it may be, having the opportunity to have a clean slate is nothing to sneer at. As of January 1, 2019, your record for the year is pretty empty, and if you’ve had a hard time, that feeling can be a breath of fresh air. A fresh year with no mistakes in it yet brings optimism to almost anyone.
  3. It’s filled with opportunity: Carpe diem is great and all, but rather than take charge of your life for one day, seize the year by the horns, and push yourself. Apply for that better job, save up for that downpayment. Do something you’ve been wanting to do that will better your situation, rather than just ticking off the days of the year.
  4. It’s only 365 days long: Luckily for us, if 2019 turns out to be another rocky year, it’s only 365 days until the next one. The even better news is that it’s 365 chances for you to continue to choose sobriety over addiction, or it’s 365 chances for you to take a stand over your addiction and get the help you need.

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