How a Pickle Became the Mascot for Alcoholism

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How a Pickle Became the Mascot for Alcoholism

The term “once a pickle, always a pickle” has fondly become a statement that many who struggle with alcohol or drugs can use to understand their addiction dilemma. There are some people who can drink alcohol or use drugs without ever developing an obsession with the mind or an allergy in the body to these substances. They use them recreationally and can walk away from them before they endure the consequences that substance abuse creates.

Once that invisible line into addiction has been crossed though, there is no way to go back and cross it again because, well, the line is invisible. In the same sense, once you pickle a cucumber, there is absolutely no possible way for the pickle to change back to a cucumber because of the physical change that the cucumber has already gone through.  

The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous on page 33 also addresses this issue by stating, “We have seen the truth demonstrated again and again: “Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic.” From this excerpt from the book, one can absolutely agree that you can no more unpickle a cucumber than you can undo someone’s addiction.

Someone who suffers from addiction has a reaction every single time they try to ingest whatever substance they are using. Once the drugs or alcohol are in the body, no matter how long the cessation, a person who is addicted to drugs and alcohol will have an adverse effect that will start the ball rolling to want more than any normal person should be able to handle. Once they have that first drink or drug, all bets are off because they will not be able to stop even if they try.

An individual who knowingly understands that they are addicted to drugs and alcohol must be in acceptance that their addiction is a progressive condition that they cannot just will away. Addiction will only be in remission with the cessation of drugs and alcohol because an active addiction proves only to get worse, never better.

Getting help through recovery measures have been shown to help more people in the throes of their substance abuse rather than having them try to do it all on their own. Seeking help for alcohol and drug addiction is crucial. There is no shame in acquiring the assistance that one needs to change the direction of their life – even with a pickle.

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