How Can I Give Back In Recovery?

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How Can I Give Back In Recovery?

Many people find that once they’re in recovery and they’ve been sober for some time that they feel like they should be doing more to help other people who are struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol. Part of the gift of choosing life over addiction is that, when you’re ready, you’ll be alive to help somebody through their struggle. Addiction is a disease that thrives on keeping people isolated, and when you take that away, bit by bit, people find their own strength, and it just continues to cycle through people.

But what’s the right way to give back? Should you volunteer, or donate money? The good news is that there’s almost no limit to the ways that you can give back. Whether it’s to the center where you went through treatment or the AA meeting where you found your strength again, almost every aspect of addiction treatment can use a hand now and then. The really beautiful thing is this:

You have your own story when it comes to addiction. No two people will go through the exact same struggle and trials, as similar as they may be, and while that may make you feel alone, it’s important to view it as a gift instead. No one who struggles with addiction has been down the same road as you, and vice versa. Your story and your battles are part of what made you who you are now, and who you are now has something to share with somebody. It may not be obvious, and it may not be for years after you first achieved recovery, but somebody somewhere who’s struggling will benefit from hearing your story, they’ll draw strength fromwhat you’ve been through and survived, and it just might help them crawl out of their own pit.

The best way to give back in recovery is to be true to you and your story, and to share it with others. There’s a strength that comes with people who have been broken coming together, sharing their stories, and then letting those who are still struggling see that there IS hope after addiction.

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