How Can I Manage My Negative Thoughts?

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How Can I Manage My Negative Thoughts?

Everyone has negative thoughts. Not everyone knows how to manage these negative thoughts, however. Managing negative thoughts is an essential part of maintaining your mental health. Pinnacle Recovery wants to help you learn how to manage your negative thoughts so you can live an even better life. Read on below to learn more. 

Check for evidence

When you have a negative thought, the first thing you should do is check for evidence that that thought is correct. Most of the time, there will be no evidence to support the negative thought you’re having. Ask yourself these questions:

  • How can I figure out if these thoughts are true?
  • What is the evidence for my thinking?
  • What is the evidence against my thinking?

Asking yourself these questions is a good first step toward checking for evidence. When you are checking for evidence, you may need to go a step further. Keep these things in mind:

  • Write down your negative thoughts
  • Figure out the thoughts that are automatic
  • Identify your triggers
  • Distract yourself
  • Put things in perspective
  • Forgive yourself for the thoughts

Keeping a journal and writing down everything you’re thinking and feeling can be beneficial to check for evidence for your thoughts. 

Challenge your thoughts

Once you realize that there isn’t any evidence to support your thoughts, try to challenge your thoughts. You can ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the best thing that can happen?
  • What is the worst thing that can happen?
  • What is most likely to happen?

Getting the facts about what’s happening is an important step to challenging your thoughts. If you’re thinking worst-case scenario, challenge your thoughts by thinking of the best-case scenario. Ideally, figuring out what is most likely to happen would be the best way to challenge your thoughts. Challenging your thoughts can also be done by thinking of something other than the negative thought. Don’t feed into the negative thoughts. Instead of thinking about these things, try to think about positive things. 

  • Instead of thinking…I can’t do it…
    • Try thinking…I can do it.
  • Instead of thinking…I always fail…
    • Try thinking…I will learn from this failure.
  • Instead of thinking…Everything is always my fault…
    • Try thinking…I can’t blame myself for everything.
  • Instead of thinking…I am not good enough…
    • Try thinking…I am good enough.
  • Instead of thinking…Why does this always happen to me?
    • Try thinking…This is just one bad day. 

Challenge your thoughts by thinking more positive things. This will help redirect your thinking patterns and create healthier ones.

Pinnacle Recovery is here for you. We have addiction and dual diagnosis programs that can help you. Call us now at 1-866-301-0573. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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