How Can I Stop Judging Myself?

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How Can I Stop Judging Myself?

When it comes to our addictions and mental health issues, one of the things that can suffer most is our relationship with our inner selves. We become so ashamed of ourselves, so disappointed in ourselves, that we begin to hate and reject ourselves. We judge ourselves harshly, we beat ourselves up, and we inundate ourselves with negative criticism. We stop believing in ourselves. We lose our faith in ourselves. Self-judgment is one of the most debilitating habits we fall into. Rather than encouraging and uplifting ourselves, we kick ourselves when we’re down. We start to hate ourselves. We start to believe the limiting beliefs telling us we’re unworthy, inadequate and inferior. We believe we’ll always be suffering. We let our identities as addicts define us and dictate our lives, directing our actions and governing our thoughts and feelings. What if we chose to stop these harmful thought processes? What if we decided to shed our self-judgment and be kind to ourselves instead?

Let’s start taking more notice of how we think about ourselves, talk to ourselves and speak about ourselves. Let’s develop more mindfulness around our self-talk and self-perception. What does our self-image look like? Is it based on self-love or self-rejection? Are we judging ourselves or being compassionate and understanding with ourselves? Are we beating ourselves up and flogging ourselves with shame, or are we working to accept and forgive ourselves just as we are?

Our propensities for self-improvement, change and personal development are positive things, but we limit our ability to grow and change when we inundate ourselves with harsh self-judgment. How can we grow and expand when we’re limiting and restricting ourselves with negativity, judgment and criticism? The answer is, we can’t. If we want to learn and develop ourselves, if we want to grow and improve ourselves, we have to first love ourselves as we are. We block our evolution when we don’t give ourselves the gifts of our self-love and self-acceptance, compassion, forgiveness and understanding. We keep ourselves small, and we hold ourselves back. Our personal journeys are full of potential and promise. To take full advantage of everything the world has to offer, and to maximize what we ourselves have to offer the world, we have to learn to be kinder to ourselves.

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