How Do I Deal With Someone Who Doesn’t Think My Addiction/Mental Illness Is Real?

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How Do I Deal With Someone Who Doesn’t Think My Addiction/Mental Illness Is Real?

Even the most well-meaning people can have opinions that hurt us. Skeptics are all around us. They dedicate their lives to trying to prove that addictions and mental illnesses are fake. We try not to pay too much mind to them, but it’s hard to not want to disprove what they are saying. Most of the time, however, you can’t change these people’s minds. This doesn’t mean we play dead and ignore them. It’s important to spread the truthful word about addictions and mental health. You may be saving a life. 

Check The Facts

Skeptics don’t have the facts. You must be an advocate for yourself and those around you who are suffering. Because skeptics are ill-informed, they usually don’t have a good answer as to why they don’t believe in addictions or mental illnesses. Explain to them that mental health is important. Explain that it’s okay not to be okay. Just like we may break our leg, our brains can get hurt too. It’s important to keep your brain healthy. This means you must take care of and nurture your mental health. 

There is often a disconnect between physical and mental illnesses for skeptics. They don’t think that mental health is just as important as physical health. They view diseases like cancer or diabetes as being on a different spectrum than addiction or depression. Skeptics may tell a patient with depression that they do not need their medication. But, these same skeptics most likely would never tell a cancer patient that they don’t need chemotherapy to get better. Try to explain to them that there is no difference. Whether it’s depression or cancer, the individual needs help. They deserve help. 

If someone doesn’t think your addiction or mental illness is real, they most likely do not understand what it means to have an addiction or mental illness. They are uninformed and not able to empathize you. What you can do to deal with this person, is to try to explain to them what to look for and how to deal with someone struggling. If they never understand, they may never be able to believe that a mental health issue is real. 

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