How Do I Find A Therapist?

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How Do I Find A Therapist?

Finding a therapist that you connect with is essential when you are in recovery. It can be hard to find someone trustworthy. The process of finding a therapist may be awkward, but it is necessary to find someone you genuinely connect with. There are also other things to look for in a therapist. Remember that a therapist isn’t supposed to be your friend. Instead of looking for someone who is nice, find someone who will hold you accountable. Don’t get us wrong, nice is good, but that shouldn’t be the only factor you’re looking at when trying to find a therapist. What should you be looking for? Pinnacle Recovery is here to give you some tips.

If you don’t feel a connection or like it’s a right fit, don’t force it

You need to find someone that fits what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), but you’re at more of a client-centered therapist, you may have trouble connecting with the therapist and finding what you want. This may have you leaving unsatisfied. If this is the case, try to find someone whose approach is aligned with what you are looking for. You also don’t have to force it. If you aren’t feeling connected with the therapist, try another one. Sometimes it takes two, three, or even four different therapists before you find the one you like. 

Keep in mind your budget

Therapy can be extremely expensive. You have to set a limit and know how much you are willing to spend. If you have insurance, some therapists may be in your network. Don’t be afraid to ask the therapist if they operate on a sliding scale. Also, if you live near a college or university, they may offer discounted sessions because they have students who are in training. Keep in mind all these options when choosing a therapist. 

Let your guard down

Allow yourself to be vulnerable with your therapist. A good therapist is going to be open-minded and withhold judgement. Let your guard down and be yourself. If you are holding back, you aren’t going to get what you want out of treatment. If this is the case, what’s the point? Allow yourself the space to be vulnerable. Trust the process. 

If you feel like you are having trouble connecting with a therapist, or if you think you need a higher level of treatment than what you’re getting, give us at Pinnacle Recovery a call. We offer both individual and group therapy. Our staff is trained to help you with the issues you’re dealing with. We can’t wait to hear from you! Call us today at 1-866-301-0573

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