How Do I Stop Self-Sabotaging My Mental Health?

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How Do I Stop Self-Sabotaging My Mental Health?

There are some surefire ways to sabotage your mental health. You may be doing some of these things unconsciously. To nurture your mental health, you must get to a space where you are making choices that will impact your mental health and recovery in a positive way. Of course, this is difficult if you are currently in a negative mindset. Pinnacle Recovery wants to help you get to that positive space where you are making good choices and where you are not self-sabotaging. Here are four key things you should avoid to help yourself out:

  1. Avoid perfection
    • It’s unrealistic to expect perfection all of the time. Putting unrealistic expectations on yourself weighs you down and secretly sabotages your life.  You may get down on yourself for not being perfect, but you are not broken just because you’ve made a mistake. You are still loved, not despite your imperfections but because of them. You can’t be perfect, and that’s okay. Try to put an end to feelings of perfection. 
  2. Avoid shame
    • If you think you’ve done something wrong, you may find yourself feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable. This can also be the case if you feel like your lack of action has implications as well. Your shame comes from within. Put an end to shaming yourself and try to focus on the positives. 
  3. Avoid blame
    • Try to avoid putting an unnecessary amount of responsibility for yourself. You can’t hold yourself accountable for something that is beyond your control. Not everything is your fault. Try to drop the burden of blame.
  4. Avoid guilt
    • You are not in charge of everything, so why are you placing unnecessary guilt on yourself for uncontrollable things? Don’t let your guilt force you to do things that you don’t want to be doing. 

Pinnacle Recovery is here for you. We want to help you succeed and move past your addiction and mental illness. We want to give you that push into recovery that you need. We know it’s impossible to expect perfection. Allow yourself to accept the love you deserve. Call now at 1-866-301-0573 to get more information about the programs we offer. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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