How Do We Address Substance Use Disorder?

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How Do We Address Substance Use Disorder?

Try to think about you, someone in recovery, in the middle of a box. What is immediately surrounding you are your own factors that affect your recovery. These are your assets and vulnerabilities. Directly beyond these individual factors are other factors that affect your recovery most directly. These would be your family, your culture, your neighborhood, and your social circle. Just beyond these factors are those that affect recovery somewhat directly. Outside of the somewhat directly factors are those that affect recovery somewhat indirectly. Lastly, there are factors that affect recovery most indirectly. This model is a result of research by the Recovery Research Institute. Pinnacle Recovery will review this model below. 

Individual factors affecting recovery

  • Assets
  • These factors are things that the individual themselves have. These assets could be their attitudes, what they believe in, or how they intend to act. Another asset could be genetic makeup. These things help to support the individual’s recovery. 
  • Vulnerabilities
  • Similarly to assets that affect recovery, vulnerabilities are things that the individuals themselves have, however, the vulnerabilities hinder the success of recovery for the individuals. These are the same attitudes, beliefs, intentions, and genetic makeup. Something can be both an asset and a vulnerability. 

Factors affecting recovery most directly

  • Family
  • Family members are important. They can either help or hurt an individual’s recovery by encouraging them or discouraging them to get help. 
  • Culture
  • The culture of recovery of substance use disorders is overwhelmingly negative. Pinnacle Recovery is working to change that. We want to educate and breakdown stigma. 
  • Neighborhood
  • The neighborhood an individual lives in can also help or hurt the progress the individual makes in their recovery. 
  • Social circle
  • Friends are also something that can help or hurt an individual’s recovery. You need to have positive support around you to help your recovery. 

Factors affecting recovery somewhat directly

  • Employment
  • Peer-recovery
  • Recovery residences
  • Clinical treatment
  • Recovery community organizations
  • Faith-based recovery services

Factors affecting recovery somewhat indirectly

  • Education
  • Local community attitudes and policies
  • Media
  • Health and social services
  • Business
  • Religion
  • Law

Factors affecting recovery most indirectly

  • National and state policy
  • Funding
  • Professional associations
  • Federal and state agencies
  • The cultural status of recovery


Pinnacle Recovery wants to help affect your recovery in a positive and direct way. We are here for you. Call our trained and experienced staff today at 1-866-301-0573 today. We cannot wait to hear from you!

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