How Honesty is the Foundation of Your Recovery

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How Honesty is the Foundation of Your Recovery

Step one in a 12-Step program is all about admitting the powerless and unmanageability that directly pertains to substance abuse. Before someone confesses their hardship to drugs and alcohol, they must get honest about how the addiction is affecting their life or they may not ever get sober, or even more importantly, remain sober long-term.

A pretty normal trend with those who attempt to get sober is that they just do not know how to be honest. If they do not begin being rigorously honest with themselves or others about their addiction, then they will most likely continue with their substance abuse in order to cope. Drugs and alcohol are used to give someone who has experienced trauma and abuse a temporary way out of their pain along with an excuse to stuff their feelings.

Getting honest means blatantly opening up and laying out the skeletons, the pain, and the shame to sort out with someone else, like a sponsor, who has already worked through the same. Finding the motivation to do so can be difficult, to say the least, because you know this will not be a simple task, however, it will be life-changing, nonetheless.

Hear the truth at meetings

One of the first places that you will hear others share the truth about what it was like and what it is like now is in a 12-Step meeting. The point of these meetings is to give people who struggle with an addiction an outlet to say what they need to and connect them to others who feel the same.

Share the truth at meetings

You may be overwhelmed with the thought of letting others know your faults and your weaknesses, but you should try it before you decided it is not for you. Telling others who can completely relate to what your struggles are will not only take the weight off your shoulders, it will also give you the ability to start being honest in all areas of your life.  

Tell the truth to your sponsor

Working step one with your sponsor can give you a newfound sense of trust and accountability that you may not have otherwise experienced. Admitting to your innermost self that you have a problem with drugs and alcohol can open the door to a new freedom of sobriety.

Full disclosure may be uncomfortable and unsettling at first. Keep moving forward with your step work and will you endure a whole different way of life that you may not have realized you are truthfully deserving of.

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