How Unmanageability Goes Beyond the Drugs and Alcohol

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How Unmanageability Goes Beyond the Drugs and Alcohol

Many people who undergo cessation from drugs and alcohol tend to have the same discouragement of how their life continues to spiral out of control even after the substances are gone. What these individuals fail to realize is that years of unmanageability will not just change overnight, probably not even in a few months. Clearing up the wreckage of the past is not an easy task to fare but can be done if a realistic outlook is taken in how they work their recovery.

Time takes time. 

Getting sober is difficult and cleaning up the messes you have made will take some strenuous effort. The key is to be willing to do what it takes and be in acceptance that this will take some time. Without sorting out the past, you will remain stuck in the same spot which ultimately means that you will not experience the necessary growth that takes place over time.

It takes what it takes.

Are you willing to go to any lengths to stay sober? If so, then you are ready to take the next indicated step with everything that needs to happen. This means working on past issues that are hurtful and shameful. You will never move forward into your future without taking the time to understand that the unmanageability is not solely from the drugs and alcohol. Character defects will glare from time to time. Uncover, discover, and discard means that you exhibit bouts of growth that can help you to make big strides in finding some serenity. 

Take the high road.

One of the best ways to discern your unmanageability is to find solace in your Higher Power.  Spending time with a power greater than yourself means that you are letting go of things that are out of your control. Obstinance proves to make life much more difficult because when you are trying to run the show, you will no doubt encounter more anxiety and resentment. Peace of mind is hard to come by when you are trying to manage it all. 

Alcohol and drugs are merely a symptom of the bigger issues in your life and are mostly used to quiet the negative feelings that occur. When you get sober, your problems will not magically disappear. Instead, you must cull through the reasons big and small which are causing the adversity. Recovery allows you a chance to figure out how to deal with the unmanageability and achieve some long-term sobriety. 

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