Pinnacle Recovery's Utah Women's Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

In many recovery communities, it is suggested that the women stick with the women and the men stick with the men. The reasons for this are numerable, as many times, especially in early recovery members of the opposite sex can be a distraction from the task at hand—that is getting and staying sober.

However, with this understanding in mind, many treatment centers still do not offer programs that are gender exclusive. They do not offer programs that delineate between men and women, and member of both sexes are brought together in group rooms and group therapies in order to get sober together.

For some people, this co-ed approach to recovery is tremendously helpful, as it allows them to deal with an accurate cross-section of the population while attempting to maintain their sobriety. They are able to deal with real-world problems that arise when having to interact with people with differing personalities and sexes, and because of this, the co-ed approach is successful.

However, there are some women who will do well in such a setting, either because of their personal or religious beliefs or because of their history with men in the past. Sometimes women may have experienced trauma at the hands of men, either during or before their substance abuse, and as such they may not feel comfortable opening up in a setting that includes men.

For women like this attending a women’s only rehab, like Pinnacle Recovery’s Womens Rehab in Utah can be tremendously helpful in aiding them to find the life of recovery they have always wanted. Our Womens Rehab in Utah has been shown to give women the sense of safety and openness they need in order to recover from alcoholism or addiction, and it also allows them to create meaningful relationships with other women who suffer from substance abuse issues.

The Benefits Of A Women's Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center In Utah

A women’s rehab center in Utah is one that puts an emphasis on a woman’s needs in recovery. These centers, like the one offered at our Womens Rehab in Utah, are specifically for women, and as such only women are able to attend such programs. What this allows for is, the women who attend, to have a feeling of safety and security that they may not be able to experience in a co-ed treatment environment.

Many of the women who come to treatment centers like our Womens Rehab in Utah, do so because they have a background involving abuse at the hands of men. This abuse does not need to exclusively be physical abuse but can involve verbal, mental or sexual abuse that has occurred throughout their life. These women will sometimes, understandably, find it difficult to open up in a setting where men are a part of the therapeutic community. They may sometimes even be unaware that they feel this way at first, but only have a general feeling that they are holding back for one reason or another.

In situations like this, where a female who has issues related to men, finds herself in a co-ed treatment facility, they may not be able to experience all that treatment has to offer and as a result they may wind up going back to using because they have not dealt with the deep-seated issues that exacerbated their addiction issues in the first place.

However, not every woman who attends our Womens Rehab in Utah experienced abuse in their life. There are some women who just find it more comfortable to be with other women during their early recovery and they do not want the distraction of having men present in the groups. For women like this attending a women’s only rehab can be tremendously beneficial because not only are they able to feel safe in the environment that they are recovering in, but they are also able to engage in the process of self-discovery and recovery with other like-minded women who are on the same path.

What To Expect At Our Utah Women's Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

Like any other treatment center, women’s rehabs consist of inpatient treatment programs and outpatient treatment programs. Inpatient treatment programs are more common, as they permit patients to live in the center and receive 24-hour care. The women stay at the center for the duration of their treatment and all of their needs are taken care of. They do not need to concern themselves with the daily stresses of life, such as work, family, or educational responsibilities, and they are better able to just focus on their recovery. Many people who chose to attend drug or alcohol treatment, opt for this form of treatment, as it gives them a month or so in order to gain their bearings in recovery and slowly reintegrate back into society.

For those women who suffer from less advanced addictions, or those who cannot get away from the obligations of their life for an extended period of time can go to outpatient facilities. These facilities allow women to talk with other women, who are also seeking recovery, and to get the same treatments offered at an inpatient facility. The only difference here is that they are able to leave and return to their normal daily activities following each treatment session. These sort of treatment programs allow the women to sleep in their own bed at night, meet any family, work, educational obligations they may have, but at the same time, still offers a structured environment in which to get sober.

Get The Help You Deserve At Our Women's Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center In Utah

If you think that you have a problem with drugs or alcohol and you believe that you need a women’s rehab program then call the professionals at Pinnacle Recovery today, at 1-833-746-2251. Our trained staff knows exactly what you are going through and what you need in order to finally overcome your addiction and achieve the life of recovery you have always wanted. We know how frightening it can be to go away for treatment and we are here to help make this transition as comfortable as possible. So don’t put off until tomorrow what can be done today. Contact us and take the first steps towards a new life.