Interdependence Versus Codependence

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Interdependence Versus Codependence

Codependent relationships are unhealthy relationships that are often destructive and one-sided. Someone in a codependent relationship is unable to maintain a healthy relationship where both people rely on each other equally, while still being autonomous. This healthy relationship is called an interdependent relationship. Pinnacle Recovery will first discuss what a codependent relationship looks like. Then, we will discuss how you can make your relationship one of interdependence. 

Codependent relationships

People in codependent relationships struggle with being their own authentic selves. Codependency shows up when the two people in the relationship feel as though they must agree on everything. Often, differences in opinions lead to unhealthy disagreements in codependent relationships. Those in codependent relationships believe these differences threaten their relationship, thus the two people try to control each other’s thoughts and feelings. People in these very unhealthy relationships often lie and manipulate. For example, people in a codependent relationship believe that the other person is responsible for their feelings. Thus, they may begin to lie to each other and tell the other person that they are okay when, in fact, they are not. This may be because the other person believes that their partner cannot handle the truth of their feelings. People in codependent relationships may also worry about the other person, make themselves responsible for the other person, or define themselves solely based on the other person. Codependent relationships are unhealthy and harmful to both people involved in them.   

Interdependent relationships

People in interdependent relationships act in healthy ways and maintain their own selves. They are able to have their own thoughts and feelings. They are able to have a difference in opinions, but they still respect the other person’s views. They are able to depend on the other person, while also depending on themselves. They are able to love each other and love themselves. There is a sense of mutual respect for the expression of different opinions. People in healthy, interdependent relationships are able to say no to each other, without feeling like there will be an unhealthy argument than ensues. There is a healthy enough space to share their thoughts and feelings and to spend alone time. Interdependent relationships allow the people in them to be happy and healthy on their own, so they can be happy and healthy together. 

Pinnacle Recovery wants to help you learn how to have healthy relationships with everyone in your life. We offer programs that teach you how to lead interdependent relationships. Call our trained and experienced staff today at 1-866-301-0573 for more information about how we can help you. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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