Is Addiction A Choice?

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Is Addiction A Choice?

There are many misconceptions regarding addiction and recovery, mostly from people who are not struggling with recovering from an addiction. They, knowingly or unknowingly, spew stigma because they are unfamiliar with what someone suffering is going through. There is a common myth that goes around that says addiction is a choice. This myth is just that: a myth. It is the farthest thing from the truth. Be careful who you get your addiction recovery information from. Pinnacle Recovery is a dependable site, but not everyone is. 

Addiction is not a choice. 

Many people, usually people who aren’t dealing with firsthand with an addiction, like to say that addiction is a choice. They like to focus on how the person who uses chose to use that substance in the first place. What they do not understand is that the person using may have been self-medicating and trying to deal with a co-occurring disorder. They were doing the very best that they could to try and cope with their struggles. Addiction is many things, but it most definitely is not a choice. 

Addiction is a disease.

Changes in the brain and body dictate a disease. With diabetes, there is a lack of insulin. We don’t tell patients with diabetes to just try harder to make their own insulin, so why do we tell someone addicted to a substance to try harder not to use? Addiction is a disease just like any other. It’s time that we as a society start to understand that we need to treat addiction as what it is: a disease. A disease is a complex situation caused by many factors, including behavioral, environmental, and biological. These factors change both the brain and the body. With an addiction, the brain releases a high amount of substances that are associated with pleasure and reward. This creates a cycle that may seem never-ending. But, it is. Pinnacle Recovery can help you end the cycle of addiction.

If you feel as though the cycle of your addiction is never-ending, think about reaching out to Pinnacle Recovery today. We want to help you break that cycle. We have the programs to do so. We want to give you the tools to help break the cycle. We are here for you. We know that addiction is not a choice. We know that addiction is a disease. Let us help you today. Call us today at 1-866-301-0573 for more information. 

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