Is Recovery A Choice?

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Is Recovery A Choice?

On our last Q&A post, Pinnacle Recovery discussed how addiction is not a choice. Is recovery, however, a choice? Pinnacle Recovery has got the answer for you. Unlike an addiction, recovery is most definitely a choice. Just like people who like to hurl out stigma regarding addictions, people also hurl stigma regarding recovery from those addictions. What they do not know, however, is how much time and energy goes into recovering from a substance use disorder. Pinnacle Recovery is here to tell you that you must choose recovery each and every day. It can be so incredibly hard, but it is so incredibly worth it. 

You have a choice. Choosing recovery must be a choice that is consciously made each and every day. Choosing sobriety can be difficult when it feels like all you’ve ever known is using. Once you learn healthy coping skills, you must choose to employ these instead of falling back on using. You — and only you — have the power to choose recovery on a daily basis. You must make yourself and your sobriety a priority. One hard part of recovery is that you must choose recovery as a whole. You cannot pick recovery apart and take what you want and leave the rest — it is not a negotiation. A true recovery is all or nothing. 

Believing in yourself and keeping in the present moment throughout your recovery is a key that you hold in your own two hands. If you decide to seek treatment, seek it as a whole. Dive right in. You’ll be better for it. Once you choose recovery, you must keep yourself in the present moment. You cannot change the past. You cannot control the future. The only thing you have right now is the present. You can, however, learn from the past. The mistakes you’ve made can be used to fuel your future in the right direction. Fueling the future does not mean trying to control it, though. The decisions you make can influence the future, but try not to get too held up on what the future holds. The present is the most important thing. You have all of the power in your hands. 

Pinnacle Recovery is part of your present. We can help you choose recovery, today and every day. Do not let your addiction define who you are. You have the power to choose recovery today. Reach out to Pinnacle Recovery today at 1-866-301-0573.

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