Maximizing Our Time in Treatment

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Maximizing Our Time in Treatment

Making the choice to enter treatment is a big decision for many of us, and it involves some challenging transitions. We can be flooded with anxiety and self-doubt, and filled with worry and trepidation. It would be very understandable for us to let these emotions take us away from our recovery goals, and away from the important recovery work we’re doing. We want to, as much as possible, maximize our time while in treatment, to make the most out of our time and take full advantage of the resources available to us. Here are a few tips for getting the most we possibly can out of our time in treatment.

Get Involved in Your Treatment Plan

We don’t want to leave our treatment plan entirely up to the professionals overseeing our care. We want to be as involved as possible. Our treatment plan is specifically designed for our unique needs, strengths and challenges. Speak up, and let the staff know everything they might need to know about you in order to make a thorough, beneficial plan for you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, of your therapist, social worker, recovery coach and case workers. Don’t be afraid to voice your needs and speak up if there’s something specific you need or if something isn’t working for you. Your treatment plan is for you. Make the most of your time by getting involved in the planning process.

Participate Fully

We can easily find ourselves overwhelmed with the recovery process. Entering treatment and dealing with all of the transitions that come with it, along with all of the work we’re being asked to do, can feel daunting. Many of us are contending with some difficult emotional issues. We might be entering treatment while still grappling with depression, anxiety, panic attacks or other mental health issues. We might be inclined to want to skip out on certain elements of treatment, especially if we think they don’t apply to us or aren’t necessary for our recovery. We might be tempted to opt out of things that aren’t required. We might be so depressed we don’t want to do anything at all. As much as possible, push yourself to participate fully in the treatment program and all of its many elements. You never know when you might learn something important, pick up a new skill, or be of service to someone. Take full advantage of the program by participating as much as you can. Remind yourself that what you put into your program is what you will get out. The more you participate, the more you will benefit.

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