Mindful Drinking: Is It Possible?

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Mindful Drinking: Is It Possible?

For some, consuming alcohol is all or nothing. These people would not benefit from mindful drinking. There are, however, people out there that can and do benefit from mindful drinking. For these people, there are ways to consciously consume alcoholic beverages without it getting out of hand. Drinking responsibly helps not only ourselves but those around us. Excessive drinking increases your risk of many diseases, while also puts many at risk for driving under the influence. For those that are not addicted, there are ways to drink in a mindful manner. 

Being mindful of your intentions for the night is a good way to start off the evening of mindful drinking. Setting expectations of who you are meeting and what you want to do for the night. When you set your intentions beforehand, you are more likely to stick to them as the night goes on. You will then be able to show up fully to fulfill your expectations. This can help keep you on track during the night. Once the night has begun, you should really be thoughtful about what you are ordering. Taking the time to consider your options can help you be present and in the moment. This presence needs to be constant throughout the night — taste and savor each and every sip of your drink. 

For some people who are being cognizant of drinking mindfully, being in a group may be a slightly harder setting to navigate. When socializing with friends over a drink, focus on being an active listener. This means focusing on what your friend is saying, without trying to immediately think of what you will say next. Be totally focused on what they are saying, remembering the slight details you may have missed if you weren’t paying full attention. Active listening can be helpful for slowing down your intake of drinks. When you fully focused on what the other person is saying, you aren’t going to be thinking about what your next drink is and where it is going to be coming from. 

Mindfulness drinking isn’t just the task of the drinker. Bartenders should also be more mindful of who they are serving in order to promote mindfulness drinking. Oftentimes, a server may engage in small talk with a customer. If they ask how the customer is doing, it’s important for them to really pay attention to what the customer is saying and how they are acting. It is also their responsibility to know when a customer is intoxicated and then to refuse to serve them. Taking an interest in what the customer is saying is beneficial when trying to engage in mindful drinking and serving, but is also a good practice to implement in daily life. 

Pinnacle Recovery is here to promote mindful drinking for those that are able to limit their alcohol consumption responsibly. Speak to a member of our trained and experienced staff today by calling us at 1-866-301-0573. We can’t wait to speak to you!

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