My Family Doesn’t Believe I Need Recovery. What Do I Do?

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My Family Doesn’t Believe I Need Recovery. What Do I Do?

There are some people in recovery who are able to fool their parents and their loved ones into thinking they do not have a problem with drugs and alcohol. Whether they are good at hiding their substance abuse or they are not around them enough to give them the full scope of their addictive behaviors, their family may be clueless altogether.

Other families do not want to accept that their family could be in jeopardy of having someone in the family who has an addiction and act like there is no problem at all. All the while they continue enabling them every step of the way and become codependent on the addiction themselves. In these types of situations, the family may actually hinder someone who is addicted to drugs and alcohol to get sober and deter them from getting the recovery that they need. If this describes your current circumstances, you can and will get through this with a few tips to move forward with your recovery with or without your family.

Keep your eye on the prize.

Your recovery has to be the most important thing in your life if you want to be successful in your long-term sobriety. Yes, family and friends are important, although if you are not taking care of yourself first and foremost, you cannot achieve the health status you desire with your loved ones.  

Find out who your true friends are.

The people in your life who want you to be sober will support you in a process to better yourself. Those who do not are either trying to hold you back for their own selfish reasons or they are completely ignorant about addiction. In either of these cases, looking out for your best interest is crucial. Temporarily separating yourself from them for your own benefit may be your only solution. The longer you stay sober, the more the people who love you will be onboard with the changes you are making and support you. The others will go by the wayside and that is okay. You should only want people who are in your life to help make it better.

Include them in your recovery measures

You may find it helpful to invite your family to attend an open 12-Step meeting with you or grab some family therapy sessions together. Allow them into a safe environment that can give them an idea as to why you are in recovery and what they can do to assist you. Part of recovery hinges on setting boundaries that revolve around you staying sober and getting those around you to advocate for your recovery.

You have to show people how to treat you and that starts with you gaining confidence with each consecutive day of sobriety that you add one day at a time. The more you take your program seriously the more likely your loved ones will learn to take you and your recovery seriously too.  

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