What to Look for in a Quality Sober Living Home

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The successful completion of drug treatment is a major milestone. If you have completed drug treatment, you should celebrate this great accomplishment. You have been in the hard work to overcome your addiction, and you have created a new healthier and sober you. While you may be excited to hit the ground running and resume your normal life, you should consider some sort of outpatient support such as sober living.

Sober living homes are an essential part of a comprehensive outpatient treatment plan. Also known as transitional housing, sober living residences allow those new in recovery to put into practice the life and coping skills needed to be successful in recovery. These residences provide the additional support needed to help boost your confidence as you slowly transition back into your normal daily life.

If you are looking for a sober living program, the following article details what you need to look for in finding a quality sober residence. If you have questions about how sober living can benefit your recovery, contact the treatment professionals at Pinnacle Recovery toll-free today.

Key Characteristics of a Quality Sober Living Home

Well-Maintained and Fully Functional

When you are looking for a quality sober living program, the outward appearance of the residence should reflect that quality care you receive. The sober living home that you choose should be clean, updated and feature comfortable beds and furniture. The house itself should be well-maintained on the outside and should have adequate space for all residences. Additionally, a quality sober living home will have up-to-date appliances and are fully functional and working. When you look at a sober living home, it should give you a feeling of security and feel like home.


Another major consideration when looking for a quality sober living home is safety. The best residence has attentive staff both on and off the premises. Quality programs have house managers that strictly follow and enforce regulations. An additional feature found in quality sober living programs is the screening process that is done by admissions staff.

A comprehensive screening process will reject those who are not a good fit for sober living and may pose a danger to both residents and staff. If anyone is caught using drugs and alcohol in, on or around the premises, they will be evicted from the premises.

Access to Recovery Services and Support

Quality sober living residences allow residents full access to the support services they need to maintain their recovery. These residences often have 12-step support groups like AA and NA on-premises or give rides to the closest meeting site. Sober living homes should also allow access to non-traditional support groups such as SMART Recovery, LifeRing, and Women in Sobriety.

These homes should also feature recovery-oriented programming that helps residents practice and refine the skills needed to keep their recovery top priority when they return home to resume their daily lives. Additionally, the best facilities have on-site coaches and mentors that can provide extra support and encouragement.



The underlying philosophy of quality sober living homes is to teach you to be accountable for your recovery and your actions while in recovery. To achieve that goal, the staff of the best sober living homes schedules regular interventions to keep you in check and on point. The best facilities perform regular drug and alcohol testing and hold weekly house meetings. These programs will also perform periodic evaluations to see if you are meeting the program requirements of the facility. These programs also require you to work regularly with your sponsor, sober coach or mentor.

It is very important to understand that sober living is not a time for you to simply sit idle. Sober living programs are for those people to truly want recovery and will put in the work necessary to achieve that goal. If program staff feels that you or anyone in sober living is not putting in that work, you may be asked to leave the premises if changes aren’t made.

Employment and Education Assistance

Another component found in quality sober living programs are employment and educational assistance programs. During your active addiction, you may have been fired from your job, underemployed or chronically unemployed. With the help of a sober living program, you are given the opportunity to start fresh. In sober living, you will get help from employment coaches who will help you learn to create effective resumes and help you learn to interview for jobs. If you are looking to go back to school to continue your education, a high quality sober living facility will have the resources to help.

Cultural Awareness

Each person who enters recovery has their own unique needs. This is especially true for those who may come from a different culture, belief system or practice. Quality sober living programs understand this and are respectful and have programs that are sensitive to the specific needs of diverse populations. This includes those of different races, religious beliefs and those who belong to the LGTBQ community.

Additionally, these sober living homes should foster an atmosphere of inclusion no matter the background. If you come from a differing cultural background and don’t feel that a sober living facility has the programs and environment that makes you feel welcome and safe, you need to continue your search. Do not be afraid to ask the staff of prospective sober living homes the tough questions. Remember, your health, happiness, and recovery depends on it.

Call Pinnacle Recovery Today

Finding a quality sober living community can be a difficult endeavor. You may feel overwhelmed in finding a home which has the options you need to continue your successful recovery. Fortunately, the treatment professionals at Pinnacle Recovery can help! Our sober living facilities are comfortable, safe and provide you the tools and support you need to make long-term recovery a reality. Don’t settle for anything but the best for yourself; call Pinnacle Recovery toll-free right now.

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