Reasons Why Attending Meetings When You are Out of Town is Important

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Reasons Why Attending Meetings When You are Out of Town is Important

A person who is in recovery must attempt to take their sobriety seriously every single day. Without waking up and intentionally setting the ball into motion to not pick up a drink or a drug can be detrimental to fall into a relapse. You may be wondering how you will do with your recovery measures now that you are going out of town. The rule of thumb is to understand that even though you are on vacation, you cannot take a vacation from your recovery.

What to take

As you are packing your bags for travel and planning out your itinerary, you must plan out what you will do for your recovery. With technology being accessible, you can take any literature and any mediation tools with you and connect very easily with a phone, tablet, or computer. You can also have a phone list of people you would want to call and talk to when your trip becomes overwhelming.

What to plan

Another part of the equation is attending meetings. If you have regular meetings and a homegroup, you may be afraid of how your regimented schedule will be affected. You may also get out of sorts if you do not hear your daily bout of solution around the people you relate to the most by having fellowship withdraws. Before you get on the plane, train, or in the automobile, get a list of the local meetings within range of your destination and make a plan to attend.

What to expect

You may have some anxiety about being around new people, but just like in every meeting you have probably been to, you may not know the people personally although you do understand their pain. Having a solution to a common peril will bond you if you allow yourself to. Opening up and be willing to go to a new meeting for the sake of your sobriety will put more insurance into your recovery. Plus, seeing how other meetings are run and how they have decorated the meeting location with 12-Step memorabilia is always interesting to see.

What is great about 12-Step programs is that they are offered in more places than ever. Meetings are still popping up everywhere and growing so that people like you who need a meeting have more locations available. Stop by the meeting and identify as a visitor. You may be helping someone to see that the program does work in other places and give them the assurance to stay sober.

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