Reduce Your Anxiety with These 6 Steps

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Reduce Your Anxiety with These 6 Steps

Anxiety can be a pain to deal with. It can feel like a part of yourself is weighing you down and dragging along the floor as you try to move forward. This anxiety can hold you back from activities you used to find joy in. There are ways, however, that you can reduce your anxiety to make it more manageable. You don’t have to be plagued with anxiety forever. Try these six simple steps to conquer your anxiety. 


  • Get adequate sleep


To help decrease your anxiety, it’s important to make sure you’re sleeping well. Sleeping well means getting a restful night of sleep, but also getting enough sleep. “Enough sleep” means between seven and nine hours of sleep. Quality and quantity of rest need to be high to reduce anxiety.


  • Eat nutrient-rich foods


It’s important to eat foods with vitamins such as B-6, B-3, and B-12. Fruits and veggies are your friends! Supplements such as magnesium have also been proven to reduce anxiety symptoms. So, put down the fast food burger and pick up healthier foods. Your brain will thank you later. 


  • Journal


Writing is a good way to get your feelings down on paper and out of your head. Bottling up your thoughts and feelings isn’t good. You can write about what you’re stressing over or the pent up feelings you have. Whatever you write about, you’ll feel less anxiety once it’s out in the open. 


  • Get some sun


Serotonin is released when you get some sun. Grab your sunscreen and a glass of water and get outside! You’ll feel calmer once you’re outside in the fresh air and getting some sun. Be sure to stay hydrated. You can even journal outside!


  • Clean up


Clutter breeds anxious thoughts. If you’re surrounded by a messy room or desk, you may feel some extra anxiety. Take a few minutes to clean up your surroundings. It will bring you a sense of peace to know that everything is where it should be.


  • Reduce sugars and carbs


Just like you should be eating nutrient-rich foods, you should also limit the amount of sugar and carbs you’re consuming. Eating sugars and carbs can make you feel sluggish and more anxious. 

Pinnacle Recovery wants to help you release some of the anxieties you’re feeling throughout the day. These are simple actions you can do to make a massive difference in how you’re feeling. If your anxiety is over the top and you feel like you need a higher level of care, reach out to us today. We’re here for you. Call now to learn more about the anxiety programs we offer at 1-866-301-0573.

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