Self-Care as a Loved One of Someone with Addiction is Critical: How to Get Started

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Self-Care as a Loved One of Someone with Addiction is Critical: How to Get Started

Self-care of oneself when a family member or friend has addiction is crucial to being able to withstand the journey. It is hard to know how to get started because it can feel overwhelming. The key is to just put one foot in front of the other and try one or two things that will help you navigate self-care in this season you’re in.

Admit Codependence

This is a tough step because many people who love those with addiction do not want to admit the need for help themselves. They may say as long as addiction doesn’t impact them, why should they seek help. The truth is, nobody is addicted alone. There are usually family members and friends who have been codependent with them and provided space for them to continue staying addicted.

Find Your People

Whether these are trusted friends, a therapist, or support group, it is critical to find those who understand and can support your journey of healing. Accountability to this change is what you want to make if you are going to move forward in helping that loved one survive.

Write it Down

Put a list together of everything you do for the person with addiction and then what you should not be doing. Follow that with what you should do for yourself. The challenge is that you need to recognize patterns before doing anything about them.

Start with First Thing

Work on the list one at a time. Don’t move on to the next thing until you feel you completed the step prior. Just like 12 steps in AA, there is also a process to taking steps forward in recovery for people who love those with addiction. It is important to take one action step from each list, work on them together, and create one action you can do to move forward.

The most important part of loving yourself first is admitting that you are not doing it. If you can have a real and honest dialogue with your inner self, then you can begin taking steps to get yourself moving in the right direction. This can feel empowering and give you the attention you deserve. It may feel scary at first, but you are not alone. Join a group for loved ones of those with addiction to start the healing journey for yourself (and those you love).

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