Simple Self-Care Techniques

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Simple Self-Care Techniques

There are a plethora of ways to care for your mental health. Some can be daunting and may require more effort you are able to put forth when you are in depression’s depths. There are some simple ways to practice self-care that you may be overlooking. 

  • Eat healthily

A nourishing meal can start your whole day off right. It’s important to eat regular meals throughout the day, instead of binge eating for one meal and not eating the rest of the day. Meals should be pretty healthy, too. Food is fuel — what we put into our body is what we get out of it. If you want to feel a boost of energy, eating more than one meal that isn’t healthy is necessary. Be conscious of what you’re eating.

  • Get moving

Exercise can be extremely difficult to fit into your daily life when you have depression. It’s unrealistic to tell someone with depression to just go for a run, just like it’s unreal to tell someone with a broken leg to go for a run. That run won’t make either person feel better. In order to build up to the point where you can go for a run, just getting out of bed and walking outside can make a world of a difference.

  • Keep a gratitude journal

Keeping a journal of things that you’re thankful for can be helpful for some people with depression. It gets them out of their head and they are able to see the good. This isn’t meant as an exercise to shame you. It can, however, help to consciously write down something you’re thankful for — even if it’s just one thing each day.

  • Read or write

Reading and writing also helps get you out of your head. Cracking open a book can transport you into another dimension. Writing out your thoughts is also a way to get your feelings out. Each of these activities can give you an escape and help to make you feel a bit better.

  • Be mindful

Being mindful is a big one. It’s important to do one thing at a time. Giving your full attention to whatever you’re doing can help keep you focused. Being mindful is also good for people with depression because you are aware of the present moment and how you are thinking and feeling. 

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