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Whitney Evans

Whitney Evans is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, having graduated from the University of Utah in 2010 to fulfill her lifelong dream of being an individual therapist. She has worked across all levels of care in addiction treatment and was an integral member in the creation of a new addiction medicine clinic. She found a love for residential treatment in 2015 and honors the privilege of working with people who have the courage to create major change in their lives. Whitney operates from a heart-centered perspective with the belief that love heals. She draws on her multi-faceted field of personal study as a backdrop to the creative work she does with clients.  Her work aligns with the Lakota principle that We Are All The Same and aims to support other’s in laying down the self-defeating belief that they are less-than. Whitney specializes in trauma treatment utilizing Inner Child work, voice dialogue and Brainspotting. She is honored to be part of the dynamic team at Pinnacle Recovery.

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