Helping a Loved One Start Recovery: The Conversation

First Steps to Recovery Do you have a loved one who’s struggling with substance abuse? If you do, you’re not alone. According to the Journal of Addiction Medicine, over 21 million people in the US struggle with substance abuse disorder (SUD). This means that the number of family members impacted is even greater. We know […]

What Is The Cycle Of Acceptance?

Accepting that you have a problem is the first step you can take toward deciding that you want to recover. Acceptance is a hard thing. You may struggle with one of the steps in this cycle or multiple. You may need an extra layer of support during your cycle of acceptance. That’s what we at […]

Healthy Coping Skills For Co-Occurring Disorders

Oftentimes when someone is dealing with a substance use disorder, they may very well be dealing with another mental health disorder. Mood and anxiety disorders are common in people dealing with substance use. Having a substance use disorder while also having depression or anxiety would qualify as having a co-occurring disorder. These dual diagnoses are […]

What is Shadow Work?

Our shadow is the term sometimes used to represent the part of ourselves we consider to be our dark side – our secrets, our shame, our wounds and our fears. Shadow work is the process of confronting those difficult elements of ourselves so that we can free ourselves from the negative impacts of our pain […]