Signs That You’re Enabling an Addict

“Enabling is helping a person in a way that feeds the dysfunction. Helping is being there for someone in a way that does not support the dysfunction.” — Dr. Noelle Nelson Addiction is a family disease. If you have a loved one that is suffering from addiction, you know this all too well. Whether a […]

It Happens to Those We Least Expect

When someone famous dies, there is often shock and confusion, especially when the person was young and seemingly healthy. People wonder how it happened. They want the inside details. Often, however, when they receive those inside details, they are devastated to learn the celebrity died in a way they didn’t expect. This is often true […]

How Can We Reprogram Our Minds to Beat Our Addictions?

One of the things we learn as we’re working to recover from addiction and mental illness is just how powerful our subconscious minds are. Our subconscious holds all of our emotional information and memory. This means all of our fears, our wounds and our memories of trauma are all stored there. The subconscious mind governs […]

What is a “Wet Drug?”

The term ‘wet drugs’ or ‘dip drugs’ refers to tobacco or marijuana cigarettes dipped into PCP, or ‘angel dust.’ It may also be dipped into formaldehyde-based embalming fluid. There may be little known about what is in the substance which brings great risks and dangers. Find out more about wet drugs and how to know […]