The 6 Areas Of Wellness

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The 6 Areas Of Wellness

There are times when we are so focused on our mental health that other areas of our health fall by the wayside. Of course, we should nurture our mental health. After all, our mental health is just as important as our physical health. We must not, however, forget the other areas of our health in the process. Making sure we feel well all around is key to living a happy and healthy life. Here are the six areas of wellness that everyone should make sure they are taking care of. 


When we talk about emotional wellness, we are talking about our feelings. Do you understand what you are feeling? Are you able to cope with your feelings in a safe and healthy way? These two questions are two of the things you should be asking yourself when you want to make sure that you are emotionally well. 


When we talk about spiritual wellness, we are talking about believing in something other than yourself. Do you believe and put your trust in a higher power to bring meaning to your life? Do you practice mindfulness to try and silence outside voices in order to create meaning in your life? You don’t have to do both of these things, but doing one of them is good for your spiritual health. 


When we talk about intellectual wellness, we are talking about expanding yourself and getting yourself out of your comfort zone. Do you practice a hobby in order to better your skills? Do you engage in creative activities? Doing something to grow your knowledge is a good way to build on intellectual wellness.


When we talk about physical wellness, we are talking about getting moving and staying healthy. Do you exercise enough during the week? Do you eat healthy on a normal basis? These are just two things you can do in order to get yourself physically healthy.  


When we talk about social wellness, we are talking about connecting with people. Do you engage in healthy relationships with other people? Do you connect with other people in a positive way? Making sure you are connecting socially with others will keep the social sphere of wellness positive. 


When we talk about career wellness, we are talking about working hard. Do you find yourself satisfied with the work you are doing? Does your work give you a sense of purpose? These are good questions to ask yourself to make sure you are on a wellness path career-wise.

Pinnacle Recovery is here to help you engage in any area of wellness. We want to help the whole being, not just emotional health. Speak with our staff today for more information about how we can help you. Call now at 1-866-301-0573. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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