The Importance of Nature for Healing

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The Importance of Nature for Healing

A healing tool we can easily implement in our recovery is including time in nature as part of our regular routines. When we incorporate nature into our healing work, we give ourselves an even greater chance of being successful in our recovery. When we were depressed and actively embroiled in our addictions, we most likely didn’t spend much time in nature. We didn’t get outdoors much or exercise outside. We isolated ourselves and stayed indoors, afraid of interacting with people or being questioned about our addictions. We didn’t want anyone interfering with the restrictive, contained lifestyles we created for ourselves in order to maintain our addictive patterns. We can suffer from anxiety disorders that make leaving the house feel impossible. As a result, we get little direct sunlight or fresh air. We can become deficient in Vitamin D, a common factor in depression, anxiety and seasonal affective disorder. Our anxiety can intensify and worsen as we isolate ourselves and shut ourselves in. We can begin to panic and lose touch with reality. We become disconnected from the outside world and all of the beauty that nature provides.

Many treatment centers prioritize nature as part of their recovery programs, because they recognize the profound impact nature plays on us. Being in nature can help us reconnect with ourselves. It can facilitate meditation with the calming, soothing sounds of the wind in the trees, birds singing and ocean waves. When in nature, we can find it easier to access the quiet, still spaciousness within us that allows us to create inner peace for ourselves. We can be reminded by the natural wonders around us that we’re all connected, that we’re all one, that we’re not actually alone. We can observe nature and learn patience, harmony and tranquility. We can be shown the importance of stillness and silence, of being grounded, rooted and centered within ourselves, all from the things we see in nature. We can be uplifted and cheered up by the trees, flowers and animals we see. They can make us feel lighter, happier and more hopeful. We can find ourselves breathing a sigh of relief just as soon as we step outside and see something beautiful in the natural world surrounding us. Being in nature can be soothing and nurturing, and we can feel instantly calmer and more at peace.

Give yourself the gift of nature in your recovery, and let it be a part of your beautiful transformation.

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