The Things Your Sponsor May Not Tell You That You Should Know

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The Things Your Sponsor May Not Tell You That You Should Know

Sponsorship is one of the gifts of sobriety that is truly a blessing. A sponsor is a person that you pick to keep you accountable in your recovery program and who also has a problem with drugs and alcohol. This person has had to endure difficulties and consequences from using and drinking making them able to understand what you are going through. Although your stories may not match up exactly, they are able to relate to you in a way that makes you want to strive for the same spiritually they have for yourself.

As you begin to work with them, your walls gradually begin to come down and your life starts to change because of the actions and suggestions you are implementing from their direction. With all that being said, you may sometimes feel indebted to their service in an amount which you could never repay. Instead of making a big deal of what they have given you, here is what they really want you to know.

A Sponsor is your equal

Your first inclination may be to put them on a pedestal because of their ability to help you like no one else may have been able to before. The truth is that they are the exact same as you, only they have just done the deal a little bit longer. They are at the same risk of relapse just like you are if they do not take the same actions, they are asking you to do.

A Sponsor is vulnerable

You may think that your sponsor has this amazing life now that they have been sober for so long, and they do, but they also have issues that they have to deal with on the daily just like you do. Most likely they do not share too much information with you because the time they spend with you is devoted to getting you through your tough times and then they rely on their sponsor for the same. Anyone in recovery will have trial and tribulations and if you are working a program you learn how to get through them much easier with dignity and grace.

A Sponsor believes you saved their life

Although your first thought after reading that may be perplexing. The truth is that sponsorship is a two-way street. You probably feel as though your problems and emotional distress may be a burden to your sponsor. When you reach out to your sponsor and tell them what you are going through, you are actually helping them to stay sober. You are being of service to your sponsor by showing up for your recovery and letting them have a front row seat.

Understanding your role in a sponsorship relationship is crucial. You are important to their recovery and in return you are important to theirs.

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