What Do I Do With All My Insights from Therapy?

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What Do I Do With All My Insights from Therapy?

One of the things the field of counseling does well is help people see their situations differently. Often, this can lead to new insights, new ways of thinking and new options for the situation. The toughest part is that the process of change often ends there. Insight without behavioral change will leave you feel disappointed. What you ultimately want is for the insight to lead to changes in your life. Find some ways to turn those insights into something productive from therapy.

Exercises to Try

Write out for a moment all the things you like about what you’re doing with your life. If you feel satisfied or dissatisfied, you may want to decide how to go about creating positive change in those areas of your life. Write down the reasons you want to start doing something different. The simple process of looking at your life can help you see where you are in the change process. Not where you want to be or where other people want you to be but where you are going.

What to Do Next

Once this exercise is over, plug into a relationship that offers a chance to speak into your life. If you are a human being, you are going to do better with other people and in groups. Relationships are important to fostering change moving forward. Healthy relationships can help keep the momentum going. At the end of the day, it’s in the context of relationships that the most significant change occurs. You might also want to try:

  • Taking a page out of your playbook on change. Look at what you want to do and try a few things that make you a little uncomfortable. You need to set forward the things you want to try in order for external behavior to change. You may want to spend time figuring out why you want to change.
  • Do things that give you new information to think about differently. Look at what’s valuable in this process. Try yoga, go to recovery, tell a close friend about the challenges. Taking a small step forward can lead to tremendous change that lasts.
  • Link some insight and new behaviors together. This is the key to unlocking lasting change for yourself and others around you. When you discover something you did not realize before and how it manifested in new behaviors, you’re more likely to finally begin implementing the change you always wanted.

Change is inevitable and change is hard. It is not going to be an easy road to get you on the way to feeling like you can accomplish anything you set your mind to do. It takes determination and focus to get you on the road to success. It also takes pushing your personal boundaries as far as they can go so you can move forward once you realize what needs to change.

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