What is the Sound Advice to Get Along with a Difficult Person in Recovery?

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What is the Sound Advice to Get Along with a Difficult Person in Recovery?

Recovery programs are based on the idea of unity – one person helping someone else who struggles with the same issues to get through the difficulties caused by their vice. Getting sober does not mean that you automatically be friends with everyone in your recovery program. Not to mention, you should brace yourself in knowing that there will be difficult people wherever you are.

Practicing the principles in all your affairs means having emotional sobriety no matter what anyone says or does. Getting along with difficult people can be challenging at times although using some sound advice for you to put into action can prove to be beneficial all around.

Treat them like a newcomer

Someone who comes into a meeting shaking and baking is surrounded with loving-kindness because they are perceived to be at their lowest point. When you encounter someone who is displaying negative words and behaviors, they may be at the lowest point of their day. Rather than return their disdain, you should treat them like a newcomer by showing them altruism for the sake of your own serenity.

Know when to politely walk away

Sometimes silently letting a difficult person know that you agree to disagree does more than cause some unjust animosity to rise up. Being able to walk away from a situation without causing a scene is the best way to handle a difficult person. Trying to be a right fighter with someone else who is a right fighter equals a lose-lose scenario that only ends in yet another resentment. Since resentments are instrumental in leading to relapse, politely walking away is probably the safest circumstance for your own recovery.

Wish them well

Normally when you encounter unruly people your first reaction is to judge them in their bad behavior. Everyone needs positive vibes sent to them from either prayer or by changing judgment to compassion. There is not one person in this world who has not made mistakes, including you, and humbling yourself in this understanding can help you to see the good no matter how difficult the person.

You will never be able to get along with everyone all the time because as humans we coexist imperfectly together. Try to give grace when you can and try to stick with the people who you tend to get along better with. Avoiding difficult people altogether will be impossible but sticking to the winners is always a good goal to strive for.    

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