What We Can Learn From A Children’s Book — Part Two

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What We Can Learn From A Children’s Book — Part Two

If you are just starting out on your recovery journey, you may be having trouble navigating through the tricky world of mindfulness. For some, mindfulness seems like a lofty idea that they cannot understand. Mindfulness can be beneficial to people of all ages; but, you must understand what mindfulness is for it to be beneficial to you. Mallika Chopra, author of Just Breathe: Meditation, Mindfulness, Movement, And More wrote a children’s book that outlines just the things many are struggling with in their recovery journey. Clear and concise, Chopra’s writing can be helpful not only for children but for anyone just starting out on their recovery journey who is struggling to get started. Pinnacle Recovery will go through each section of Just Breathe: Meditation, Mindfulness, Movement, And More in order to point out helpful things that you can learn from a children’s book. We will split this post up into two parts. Here is part two:

Be Silent

Silence is something that most people do not get enough of during the day. With family, friends, work, school, and technology, it feels like we are never truly alone with our thoughts. You may be feeling some negative emotions when you are silent for the first time in a while, but Chopra explains that this is because you are not used to it. Disconnecting from technology and constant communication can be something that turns out to be helpful for your meditation


Chopra explains that most of us are constantly on the move. This takes away from time where you notice your thoughts and feelings. Taking note of what is happening inside and outside of yourself can make you more self-aware. Noticing how you talk to yourself is also extremely important. Many of us have a constant string of negative thoughts we tell ourselves. Noticing this inner voice is something Chopra recommends to do often. 

Ask Questions

In order to set intentions for yourself, you must first ask yourself who you are and what you want. Asking yourself these questions can help give you a sense of purpose. Asking yourself what you are grateful for is also an important thing to do. Writing down at least one thing each day in a journal is a nice way to notice your gratitude


Creation and imagination are important for everyone! You don’t just have to be a kid to create. We should constantly be creating. This isn’t just limited to art projects or writing, but even creating the life you want for yourself. Your mind is powerful, Chopra says, and what you do with it sets who you are. 

Pinnacle Recovery wants to help you learn more about being silent, noticing what’s around you, and creating. If you have any questions, call our trained and experienced staff at 1-866-301-0573. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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