Why Does Recovery Take So Long?

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Why Does Recovery Take So Long?

It is hard to be patient when you want what you want right this minute. It can be a challenge to wait for the process of recovery to occur on its own. When people have active addiction, it can change the way we feel at a moment’s notice. Even if you use drugs, alcohol, spending, or other substances, you can no longer live in active addiction. There is no quick or easy fix to addiction, it just takes time.

Initial Recovery

The early stages of recovery can last up to 18 months, called the post-acute withdrawal phase. We slowly heal from the inside. This process requires patience and faith that things will continue to improve if we stay on course with recovery. We gradually feel more balanced and whole. Getting sober is the first step in a very long process of growth, healing, and change. It takes years and never stops. We will feel bad in all ways possible but that is normal, for this phase, at least.

Second Phase

The next phase of recovery is more about emotional and psychological changes. This middle phase can last two to 10 years when a lot of inner work happens on the underlying causes and conditions surrounding what drove addiction to this point. During this period therapy can helpful in complementing a 12-step program work to make progress in our healing journey. In later recovery, at 10 years and beyond, we move more into the spiritual realm and heal at the soul level. Recover moves deeper as time goes on.

Cannot Rush Progress

There is no way to rush a process any more than we can will our own hair to grow. It is our responsibility to stay committed to doing our own work. We will continue to see progress every step of the way. While it may not happen as quickly or as much as we would like, our lives continue to grow in abundance, healing, and health so we can continue life along at life’s pace. Progress is not something that just becomes a new pathway in recovery. It is something that requires effort, dedication, and lots and lots of patience. It goes slowly because human beings are unique and complex within themselves. Human spiritual, emotional, and psychological growth is extremely unique. There are no roadmaps to change that work for everyone. Individuals need to understand and accept the fact that change is inevitable, but it will also take more time than we might think.

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