Why Father’s Day is Better Sober

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Why Father’s Day is Better Sober

Celebrating your first sober Father’s Day should be thrilling now that you can be present for your kids on this special occasion. Although you may feel like you need to self-medicate to get through this day honoring your fatherhood, the best thing you can do for your kids and you is to continue to stay sober. A holiday such as Father’s Day, which may completely overwhelm you, will be much better sober for a couple of different reasons.

You can make a living amends

If this is the first time you have stayed sober on Father’s Day, you are already giving your children something different than they are used to. Spending time with them without being under the influence will not automatically repair the damage that was caused by your drinking and using, but you are on your way to making living amends for past mistakes.

You can give them your undivided attention

One of the most important things for a kid is to get the attention of their parents. The problem with drugs and alcohol is that they become the thief of your consciousness and make you take for granted the time you have with them. Being sober gives you a new opportunity to be available for them more than you ever have before.

You can be the example they need

Practicing the principles in your affairs and demonstrating what recovery looks like can help you to become the father you are supposed to be and the one that they have probably always hoped for. Recovery can help you make changes that can positively influence their lives moving forward.

You can celebrate more than just Father’s Day

Any day you stay sober one day at a time is a day to celebrate. Not necessarily in throw confetti type of celebration. The type of celebration that gives you a better understanding of what life is really all about especially pertaining to the special times you get to have with your kids now that you are staying sober for their benefit.

Father’s Day is intended to honor the dads of the world which includes you. Even though your relationship may not be rock solid because of your past substance abuse, you are inching closer to a better relationship by now staying sober when it counts.

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