Why Put Off Tomorrow What You Can Do Today?

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Why Put Off Tomorrow What You Can Do Today?

The famous words, “Why Put Off Tomorrow What You Can Do Today?” from Benjamin Franklin say so much about procrastination which many people are guilty of. To procrastinate is something that may feel natural to you because you know that you will get whatever the task at hand is done. You always do.

What happens to you when you procrastinate is a certain amount of subconscious chaos that happens to your brain with putting one more thing on your ever-growing to-do list. Tackling the important tasks in life may just be confusing and overwhelming to you so not doing them at all could seem like a much easier solution. The problem with that mentality is that eventually, everything will come crashing down and picking up the pieces will be even harder. By using some tips on procrastination, hopefully, you can start moving on your list of things to do – before it is too late.

One thing at a time

Use the same mindset that you use for your recovery of one day at a time. Do one task at a time, pay one dollar at a time, or do one page at a time. If you are to overwhelm yourself with everything all at once, there is a good chance you could shut down altogether because of the fear of failure. Breaking up your to-do list, your bills, or your homework into smaller, simpler functions can actually let you see progress in the bigger picture with more clarity.

Organization is advantageous

You will never get a starting point amongst the disorder if you are unsure of what you are trying to accomplish. Even though you think you know what you need to do, getting things organized beforehand will assist you in being more productive and give you a better understanding of the next indicated step.  

Distractions equal disaster

Your thought process may be just one more episode and I will get this done, but the truth is that your binge-watching, for example, may take over altogether. Set a realistic deadline and stick to your guns. This way you do not totally sabotage your efforts and give up. In a sense, the deadline is a promise to yourself and when you keep a commitment to yourself, you will be better for it in the long-run.

Procrastination has been deemed the thief of time and today in sobriety you have so much to live for. Make sure you are living up to your full potential and git ‘er done.   

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