Why Should I Try Yoga in 2019?

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Why Should I Try Yoga in 2019?

Yoga has long been touted for its health and fitness benefits, and to help people manage their stress and anxiety. It’s an ancient practice that has become popular all over the world, but mostly has its roots in India. There’s several different styles of yoga, and different ways to practice it, making it a workout of choice for people looking for something that may not always be the same. Yoga is becoming increasingly common in drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs, but even practicing at home privately has many benefits. Below are six reasons you should consider trying yoga in 2019.

  1. It helps you focus: Even some beginner poses take a lot of concentration to do right, and not only is it good for your body, it’s good for your brain, and reduces anxiety and stress, allowing you to concentrate better and can even help increase your motivation to get stuff done.
  2. It helps your posture – If you’re in a job or school enviroment that involves a lot of sitting, chances are your posture may not be in great shape. Yoga, over time, helps you ease tense muscles in your back and hips, which can relieve a lot of pain and discomfort.
  3. It helps with flexibility – this one is a given. The gentle stretching that comes with yoga poses helps make your muscles limber and warm, which helps improve your overall flexbility.
  4. It’s good for mind and body – Some fitness routines are mindless reptitive motions, while a lot of brain-training and work involves sitting for long periods of time. Yoga helps you work both mind and body at once in harmony.
  5. It relieves stress – Yoga, whether it’s the stretching, the movement or the quiet breathing, is known for being an excellent stress reducer, and many people find they have far lower hostility after practicing.
  6. It can help rebuild strength gently – If you’ve suffered from health problems in the past and have weakened hip and back muscles, yoga can help you strengthen your core in a more gentle manner than other fitness programs.

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