Why Would Anyone Be Grateful for Their Sobriety?

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Why Would Anyone Be Grateful for Their Sobriety?

Drug and alcohol addiction signifies that a person needs to cope with life by using them to numb themselves. When that coping mechanism gets taken away with sobriety, many people get resentful that they can no longer get high or drunk to function in life. Instead, they get resentful about getting sober and having to use a recovery program to do so. The very thing that could save their life and make it more productive really just becomes a source of contention that may cause them to become a chronic relapser rather than surrendering to the disease of addiction.

How does someone become grateful for their recovery?

Over time, people begin to feel the solution working in their lives and become aware of how much better they feel being sober. They no longer have to worry about keeping up with their high to avoid withdrawal or feeding their obsession to quiet their imperious cravings, Recovery allows someone the ability to learn how to live sober by understanding how life on life’s terms can really work without abusing any mind-altering substances.

Why is being grateful so important?

Without being thankful for all the blessings in their life, a person cannot truly appreciate how better their situation has become. Negativity and complaining only fuel anger and self-doubt rather than giving an individual the attitude of gratitude which allows someone to comprehend being sober, alive, and free.

Where does gratitude come from?

Doing activities that elicit positive vibes will continue to increase gratefulness. Meditation, prayer, mindfulness, journaling, therapy, exercise, and yoga all are ways that being grateful will start to shine through with continuation and dedication. Implementing esteemable acts is not always an easy task to start, but with a tiny bit of willingness, anything is possible. Never mind that you cannot do them perfectly. The point is to start small to build up to a beautiful practice of being grateful with the mindset that even a small amount of thankfulness is better than none at all.

Hearing others say they are grateful for their sobriety may seem baffling at first but jumping on the gratitude bandwagon can happen to anyone with an open mind. Changing your perception to one that can see the beauty of their recovery can take some time although the gradual shift that happens can completely transform a person within their thoughts and actions.

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