One of the things we learn as we’re working to recover from addiction and mental illness is just how powerful our subconscious minds are. Our subconscious holds all of our emotional information and memory. This means all of our fears, our wounds and our memories of trauma are all stored there. The subconscious mind governs the majority of our conscious thoughts and behaviors, meaning that our daily lives are essentially being run by the part of our minds we’re not even aware of. When we struggle with addiction, our subconscious minds are often so full of fear and self-destructiveness that we’re compelled to use drugs, alcohol, sex and other addictive substances and behaviors as a way to ease our pain and help ourselves function in life. We use them as distractions, as our tools for avoidance and escapism, as ways to self-medicate and numb our pain. Recovering from our addictions means healing ourselves at the root level, and an important part of this is reprogramming our subconscious minds. There are some simple but very effective ways we can work with our minds in order to conquer our addictions.

One powerful way of changing our subconscious programming is through visualization. Spend time giving energy to visualizing yourself healed and fully recovered. See yourself free from addictive dependence, temptation and compulsiveness. What does your life look like free from addiction? What are you doing? Where are you? How do you feel? Envision this future version of yourself. See yourself feeling light, clear and free. See yourself feeling happy, satisfied and fulfilled. Infuse your visualization with the energy of your belief and emotion. Feel how you would feel no longer being controlled by your addiction. Energetically embody those feelings. Really work to believe that recovery is possible for you. Step into that version of yourself and manifest that reality for yourself.

Another powerful tool for reprogramming the subconscious mind is repeating affirmations. Our minds respond both to repetition and to the written word. Write down affirmations, read them regularly, and recite them aloud. “I am strong enough to do what’s best for myself. I am strong enough to pass this spiritual test. I make healthy choices for myself. I am proud of the work I’m doing. I’m proud of my commitment to sobriety. I’m proud of myself and my transformation. I’m so much happier living a life of health and wellness.”

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